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A client in the field of print and electronic communications for critical documents was looking to develop an entirely micro service-based project, in which each of the project's primary components can be broken down into its own distinct microservice. The objective of the project is to enable clients to request one or more documents in their preferred format from the company's secure repository. Each request goes through an authentication and authorization procedure.

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The Project

The client, who manages the operation of a SaaS platform and handles the document management for the end-user company, approached AllianceTek and asked them to create micro services using the DDD framework to divide the required features into standalone "micro services."

Basically, they wanted this project for document management, which involved uploading new files to a secure server, receiving requests for new files, and downloading those files.

  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
  • Large Network Access Large Network Access
  • Automatic System Automatic System
  • Economical Economical
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Challenges & Solutions

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  • Integrate microservices as a common end-user API access platform

    It was difficult to manage micro services for every component as per technical standards and to integrate these micro services over a Gateway as a common end-user API access platform.


    Instead of maintaining an outdated monolithic design, AllianceTek built each component as a separate Micro Service. This allowed each components to be controlled independently in accordance with DDD (Domain Driven Design) architecture, while still adhering to the principles of KISS and SOLID. These services were coordinated and collaborated across Gateway, which allowed client users to have access to it.

  • Health Check Feature

    The client wanted to incorporate a health check feature, where they could see the current and past status of all of their endpoints and services, as well as immediately pinpoint any issues arising.


    The professional team of AllianceTek developed test scenarios to verify the functionalities and ensure that health check is accessible for all gateway-deployed micro services. We implemented micro services for the various modules and turned them into self-sustaining entities by using a Health Check Watchdog for each service.

  • Secure Logging Platform

    The client wanted a secure method that allowed for logging request & response data without breaching any security measures.


    The expert team of AllianceTek provided a Request & Response Logger view, which allowed for improved data security. Now, the client could make use of the project site hosting, storage, and database maintenance services without breaching security.

  • An Efficient Way of Downloading Large Files

    The client wanted a more efficient and seamless process of merging and downloading large PDF files.


    We created a solution that can deal with hundreds of documents sizing in GBs in total using the latest technology such as .Net core to future-proof the application.

    Our technical team included also a Project Manager, Solution Architecture, Team Leader, Developers, and Quality Analyst. On the other hand, the management team includes the Director of Online Services, the CTO.

About Features



  • The team of AllianceTek has a performance-proof platform that included the new/latest technology/platform.

  • Provided a language and technology-neutral programming environment.

  • Allowed for the project to rely on technology without being depended.

  • We allowed for reusability across different areas.

  • It provided better data security.

  • Made the project more scalable.

  • Allowed easy recognition of any failures or malfunctions.

  • Easy Independent & simple deployment.

  • Gave the freedom to combine and download many huge documents.

  • Made sure every service is accompanied by a Health Check Monitor.

  • Added versioning to each API End Point.

  • Offered a Request & Response Logger view.

What Value Did AllianceTek Provide To This Project?

    • AllianceTek created self-sufficient Micro Services that are scalable and need less maintenance, and these Micro Services are interconnected across a Gateway for convenience of usage.

    • The end users of the client are now using a system that is powerful, reliable, and extremely responsive, all of which are driven by APIs that AllianceTek has built.

    • AllianceTek was able to contribute to the development of the new architecture without disrupting the operation of the already-in-place system, and it met all of the predetermined targets on schedule.

    • Provided end-to-end solutions including Hosting, Maintenance & Support, and hosting is managed by the client on their on-premises servers.

    • Over the course of 9 months (and still counting), We have an understanding of the demand, and we made intelligent decisions on the technology that we use. This enables us to execute and develop all of the required features.


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