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The Client

The client is an innovator in integrating comprehensive ERP software solutions to enhance business operations efficiency. They focus on developing a mobile app that optimises management tasks using advanced ERP functionalities mirroring their partners JD Edwards. They want to make a phone app that simplifies and makes better the handling of Work Orders, Purchases, Shipments, Inventory and Order tasks.

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The Project

The goal was to create an app that not only simplifies management tasks but also incorporates extensive JD Edwards ERP, offering choices in databases and deployment options (on-premise, cloud-based). The app aimed to provide a seamless experience while handling complex functions like inventory control, order processing, and shipment tracking, leveraging a mobile platform for enhanced business execution.

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    Dynamic API Response Management

    Faced with variable API responses, ensuring robust and error-free data processing was crucial, especially considering the complexity of integrating diverse application modules and end-user reporting features found in JD Edwards ERP systems.

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    We developed a versatile API management system to address these challenges effectively. This system was designed to adapt to varying parameters and formats, ensuring flexibility. Key features included a sophisticated error handling mechanism that could intelligently respond to various errors and inconsistencies in API responses, maintaining operational stability and data integrity.

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    UI Consistency Across Platforms

    Another challenge was creating a mobile application with a user interface that mirrored the grid-formatted data layout typical of desktop applications. The task involved reconciling the inherent differences between mobile and desktop interfaces, such as screen size and interaction models, while maintaining a consistent user experience. The aim was to emulate deep industry functionality and personalization capabilities typical of high-end ERP software.

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    The team of AllianceTek carefully designed a UI that combined the familiarity of desktop applications with the practicalities of mobile usage. The development team implemented a responsive design that adapted the grid layout for mobile screens, ensuring a consistent look and feel across various platforms, inspired by the standards-based technology found in JD Edwards ERP systems. Additionally, the app's interactions were tailored to feel intuitive to both mobile and desktop users, striking a balance between familiarity and functionality.

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Investor Information


  • Ensures secure access with robust password protection and possibly two-factor authentication.

  • Over 80 application modules, end-user reporting, and personalization capabilities.

  • Manages stock levels and transfers, with real-time inventory inquiries.

  • Streamlines the selection and processing of work orders for improved efficiency.

  • Tracks purchase orders and update inventory upon receipt of goods.

  • Facilitates the management of various consumable items within operations.

  • Provides real-time updates on the status of order shipments.

  • Provides a range of database and deployment choices, including cloud and on-premise options, ensuring flexibility and cost-efficiency.

  • Enhances inventory and order processing through quick scanning capabilities.

  • Manages details of different business units or subsidiaries in the organization.

  • Oversees all types of transactions, including orders and financial activities.

  • Maintains data integrity with automatic checks and validation systems.

  • Automated data integrity checks and validations, ensuring data accuracy and reliability in line with industry-leading ERP standards.

  • Offers tailored solutions for industries like Agribusiness, Manufacturing, and Customer Relationship Management, ensuring specialized functionality for diverse business needs.

  • Includes specialized solutions for asset lifecycle management, financial management, human capital management, project management, and other critical business areas.

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Value Provide

What Value Did AllianceTek Provide to this Project?

  • The development team brought extensive experience in mobile app development, contributing significantly to the project's success.

  • Innovative solutions were provided for dynamic API management and UI consistency challenges.

  • We ensured the application was user-friendly, adaptable, and performance-driven.

  • We managed the project efficiently, adhering to strict timelines and delivering a robust and reliable application.


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