Client Partnerships & Industries We Serve

AllianceTek will take up one or many of the roles defined below, depending on your unique requirements, to deliver the robust and intuitive solution you need.

  • Strategic Business Solution Partner

    In this role, AllianceTek begins by identifying the root causes of your business’ concerns and evaluating its processes and performance metrics.

    After assessing your business’ technological landscape and taking into consideration the specific needs and concerns that you’ve asked us to address, AllianceTek will recommend the appropriate technology to implement innovative strategic solutions and improved processes.

    From online portals to ERPs, and mobilization and application support to fresh performance metrics, AllianceTek will strategically help your business achieve streamlined processes, superior management, improved customer relationships, the right scale, increased ROI and more.

  • Development Partner

    You can now leverage your existing team for domain knowledge and promote them as product managers. Empower them with AllianceTek’s development team in executing any project. AllianceTek will drive efficiency with right technology implementation.

  • Channel Partner

    Trying to meet challenges beyond your domain? AllianceTek can help you. Channel partnership allows you to focus on your niche and your partner can compliment you in meeting complex challenges which are beyond your niche.

    AllianceTek offers robust software solutions and cutting-edge technologies to meet the complex software and business requirements of your clients without increasing your operational overhead. Our knowledgeable team can help you generate additional revenue streams and strengthen ties with clients to add value to your services.

These guys did a tremendous job. I will definitely work with them again. They communicate quickly, respond to feedback and have great expertise.

- Reggie Brown
Kirkland, WA

Industries We Served:

  • Commercial Services
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Public Services
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Travel
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Call us at 484-892-5713 to know more details about client partnerships and industries we serve at AllianceTek.

Why AllianceTek?

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion – we don’t just follow instructions, we unleash the full potential of your vision. AllianceTek employs a global team of more than 100 skilled developers and consultants who approach every project holistically, giving full around-the-clock attention to understanding our clients’ needs and providing comprehensive, scalable and extensible development roadmaps.

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