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Online Shopping Made Easy and Irresistible

Online and offline, the shopping experience can make your company stand out from your competition. With eCommerce Website & Application Development Solutions, your sales will soar.

Shopping Cart Development Solutions make it easy and safe to find, select and buy products and services. Product information, reviews, related products, pricing, and promotions further enhance the users’ online shopping experience.

AllianceTek are great professionals, with high competencies. They have always respected their commitments and they have always shown eagerness to help every time this was necessary. The challenges are never obstacles for AllianceTek. They take relevant initiatives in order to make the project moving forward. They never hesitate to ask the relevant competent person to intervene when the situation needs such intervention. Their sympathy and availability is very much appreciated. I warmly and professionally recommend AllianceTek. Our Company has already considered envisioning a long-term relationship with such a talented team.

- Jacques Molho
Toulouse, France

eCommerce Application Development Services

AllianceTek has developed the best eCommerce solutions, including eCommerce website hosting. Our cutting-edge eCommerce framework provides a quick and easy way to post content, monitor activity, manage the payment process, and make it all amazingly simple for customers to use. Use our platform as a launching pad, customizing as necessary to fit your needs.

It includes everything you’ve always wanted in an eCommerce solution:

  • Product Catalog

    You can customize the features of our product catalog so it works exactly how you want it to. Once you enter detailed product information and create categories and sub-categories, your website’s visitors find what they need in a snap, searching with keywords and browsing by category.

  • Keywords, Tagging and Social Media—Get Found on the Web

    You can add tags and keywords to boost on-site search accuracy and provide signposts for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, leading them to your products so they can promote them for you.

    And with social media integration people can access your product pages on sites like Facebook. Take advantage of the buzz from social media to attract new customers.

  • Shopping Cart

    To make it easy for customers to assemble all the items they’re considering, they can put them all in their shopping cart and then, if necessary, make last minute trade-offs and remove items before they check out. Then they sail smoothly through the checkout process.

  • Payments

    You and your customers can depend on total payment security. And for ease of transactions, billing information is integrated with online payment processing gateways like PayPal,, Paymentech, Braintree, and more.

  • Shipping Management

    Shipping management integrates with major shippers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS, empowering your customers to track order status online after shipment. Whether their package is on your dock or en route, customers have the comfort of knowing where it is, without having to call you.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    We can design your eCommerce site so it displays well on mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry, enabling customers to shop easily anywhere, anytime.

  • eCommerce Integration with Existing Frameworks

    AllianceTek is can:

    • Adapt open source eCommerce solutions to meet your needs.
    • Integrate with Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft SharePoint and more to build your eCommerce system.
    • Build a system that integrates with third party frameworks such as eBay or Ariba, enabling your customers to place orders within these sites.

AllianceTek: an eCommerce Website Design and Development Company

Here are a few examples of how AllianceTek’s eCommerce solutions have helped clients.

  • AllianceTek created the eCommerce section of RDR Mobility’s website. Customers can select, and buy products, and PayPal processes their payments. This system has enabled RDR Mobility to scale up their business and serve larger clients.

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