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The Future is in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing architecture enables you to use hardware and software over the Internet. It has the power to slash your information technology costs, empower employees to work on any device wherever they are, and maximize performance. Because capacity is virtually unlimited, scaling any Cloud Computing Application is easy.

“Technology experts and stakeholders say they expect they will ‘live mostly in the cloud’ in 2020 and not on the desktop, working mostly through cyberspace-based applications accessed through networked devices. This will substantially advance mobile connectivity through smart phones and other Internet appliances.”

– Pew Research Center

AllianceTek’s Cloud Computing Services

  • Maximum Server Value at Minimum Cost

    When you access server capacity from the cloud, it’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t. There’s no need to drain your bank account to make a long-term investment. And you can hedge your bets, scaling just in time to meet demand.

    • Master Fluctuating Server Demand

      If you have fluctuating demand for servers, investing to reach your peak demands is like buying a mansion to accommodate a Friday-night party. It’s perfect for the moment, but over the long term the empty rooms, just like excess servers, become money pits.

      Shel Communications provides an example of how cloud computing can put a stop to wasteful spending on server capacity. Getting Shel’s social network for wine connoisseurs up and running meant feeding a massive amount of product data into their database. But after that, they just wanted to top off data each day with the latest information.

      After lining up 18 servers in the cloud to work in unison to zip through the initial data download, AllianceTek shrunk Shel down to one server for future data updates. We conquered data processing faster than Shel Communications ever thought possible, and at a fraction of the expected cost.

    • Overcoming Uncertain Server Requirements

      If your crystal ball is a little foggy, it’s hard to see when demand for servers will rise. Although you want to be ready when clients clamor for your services, you can’t afford to have servers sitting around with nothing to do.

      Hired Society, for example, was a start-up business that required an advanced server environment to launch a service-provider platform to help people find all kinds of assistance.

      With no sales history, forecasting the trajectory of their demand curve was tricky. So we built their platform in the cloud, enabling them to ramp up quickly to meet consumer and service-providers’ needs—without plowing money into servers up front.

  • A great development team who consistently proved their knowledge. I'd highly recommend working with AllianceTek and look forward to working with them in the future.

    - Oliver Bolland
    Domestic Blizz
    London, England
  • Build One Database to Serve Many

    If you have Cloud Computing Software that can help masses of clients, don’t duplicate your database. Let it spread its wings in the clouds.

    Cloud architecture can service a host of clients from New York to Beijing and beyond. You’ll get instant global reach and substantial savings on hardware, software, deployment, maintenance, and labor.

  • Offer Cloud Computing SaaS

    If you have a concept for a software service that can help many people or businesses, the cloud enables you to share it with them cost effectively.

    For instance, Jacoby Solutions developed a compliance and e-learning solution for the toy industry. We helped launch their service globally from day one, selling it to the world via eCommerce and delivering the software from the cloud.

Why AllianceTek for Cloud Computing Solutions?

With cloud computing applications, you can keep in step with changes as needed as opposed to being stuck with what worked in the past, but might not anymore. With a research staff dedicated to poring over the latest cloud developments, we can help you navigate the quickly changing waters, finding the latest Cloud Computing Solution and third-party providers that are tailored to your needs for today and tomorrow.

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