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Founded in 2006, leading Wall Street, institutional brokerage and advisory firm that focuses to provide macro research and capital markets & corporate advisory services to top-shot institutional managers and corporate executives across the globe. Serving 20+ countries around the world, this leading stock and finance advisory firm manages a comprehensive suite of macro thematic investment strategies given by institutional authorization for high-net worth investors globally.

Macro Research Portal | About The Client

About Project

Business Needs

A leading Wall Street institutional brokerage firm approached AllianceTek to redefine and optimize their legacy system by adding new features and functionalities that streamlines their mission of providing precise macro research, capital market services and financial advisors worldwide. The main aim of the client was to build a unified solution that’s responsive with multiple devices, allow employees to manage data effectively with their existing system and leverage seamless web experience to the customers.

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Elaborate analysis of the issues we encounter

Challenges & Solutions

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • Streamlining communication between the website and mobile ap

    When the client approached AllianceTek, they already had a website and a mobile app with them. However, managing and maintaining two separate versions for desktop and mobile app makes it difficult for the client to manage and access products and data. The inconsistency and miscommunication between two versions further increased administrative overheads which caused delay in response to customers. Due to this, setting up a seamless communication channel between the app and the older system was a major task that hinders the entire app performance and user intuitiveness.

    Implementation of a unified integrated solution to streamline business process

    In order to improve application performance and enhance new features in the app, it was quite essential to understand the old coding mechanism so as to redefine the legacy system with new enhancements. Since the application is built using a primitive coding language, it was quite complex to understand the business rules by referring to the old coding mechanism. The application and the website performance were degraded and hindered to a great extent due to the old coding mechanism. Due to this, development of a unified solution to resolve back-end issues and leverage fluid customer experience to streamline business process was indeed challenging.


    • The development team at AllianceTek demonstrated its capabilities by delivering a unified modular design throughout the app and mobile by integrating new features that not only improved the functionality but also enhanced the application usability.

    • The development team migrated the existing data from legacy system to a unified system improved the overall website performance to a great extent.

    • Improved video streaming performance with implementation of Amazon Cloud Front.

    • Our development team integrated Salesforce Pardot integration to notify clients via email about new research.

    • Optimization of the existing database along with implementation of a fully responsive admin panel to manage and retrieve content effectively.

    • Overall a unified solution that helped client to manage data effectively.

    • AllianceTek’s team of .NET experts redesigned the overall website and build a solution that includes cloud and .NET for a single, powerful website.

    • The website redesigned by our development team offered mobile responsiveness, modular design with easy-to-use navigation along with readability and rapid responsiveness.

    • The website was fully integrated with Salesforce to improve customer management.

    • The site also includes a secure document library, organized calendars and lists, a user-friendly navigation, a secure back-end administrator console.

    • Integration of Thunderstorm search engine for enhanced search results.

About Features



  • An unified and responsive web and mobile application that enhances app performance and improves application usability.

  • The website redesigned redesign Offers mobile responsive, modular design with easy-to-use navigation, readability and rapid responsiveness.

  • Provides list of past and upcoming events along with the product details.

  • Provides information on capital markets, sales and trading, and corporate services.

  • Group management offers list of people managing different groups.

  • Research products in various formats like pdf, audio and video.

  • Generate dynamic PDF and cover page.

  • Manage event location and details.

  • Video streaming with Amazon cloud front.

  • Integrated Salesforce Pardot integration to notify clients via email about new research.

  • Integration of Thunderstorm search engine for enhanced search results.

What Value Did AllianceTek Provide To This Project?

    • The solution proposed by AllianceTek helped the client to improve overall website performance and thus enhance the usability of the application

    • An updated application with a new modular design for easy navigation and rapid responsiveness.

    • Improved video streaming performance by implementing Amazon CloudFron

    • Database optimization and implementation of a new fully responsive admin panel to effectively manage and retrieve their content.

    • Integration of Thunderstorm search engine for better and enhanced results.


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