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Superfood Bowls Menu Platform | Frutta Bowls Nutrition


The Client

The client has been working in the food industry centred around superfoods. They specialize in creating customized superfood fruit bowls that provide overall nutrition to the body. The company was started by the client in 2016 with a focus on health, wellness, and sports. It soon turned into a superfood bowl food business after the client got inspiration from Acai bowls.

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The Project

The client was looking for something that would help her share the nutrition of these superfood bowls with people. She was looking for a platform that could be a perfect display of all of her food items. She wanted something innovative that could provide people with healthy, delicious food and also involve the communities surrounding each location.

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Challenges & Solutions

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  • Challenge One

    The client wanted a centralized platform that could integrate all of the functions apart from the just the menu.


    The platform was built keeping in mind each and every aspect of the client’s demand. From integrating the menu and their story, the platform also introduced a franchise portal where visit is a good visit and on a franchise of the business. The website also included a catering portal where users could book from the business for any kind of events such as anniversaries, birthdays, office parties etc.

    Apart from this, there is a vast menu that can be customized according to your preferences of fruits, nuts, yogurt or grains. The catering section also includes a catering brochure, clicking on which the user can find out what menu items take good order and even ask the client to customize their items.

  • Challenge Two

    The client wanted to prioritize those users who downloaded their app and wanted to provide them with extra rewards and favourite menu items.


    The newly created platform provided a perfect solution for that through a loyalty program portal. Through this program, the user could download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and avail of all the rewards including payment gateway options, saving favourites, earning rewards and booking earlier than other users. The portal also offered points after making a purchase, which the user could redeem and use for their next order.

  • Challenge Three

    The client also wanted to include a separate section where the users could look for offline locations for the restaurant.


    The new and updated platform provided a sure short solution to this challenge. The platform has a specific location portal that allows each user to search for the offline location and enjoy dine-in.

The Result

  • A website that has been thoughtfully crafted to provide a means to satisfy your daily dietary requirements in a manner that is both wholesome and satisfyingly tasty. Given the wide selection of available options and the ability to customize, the platform provides the user with unrestricted independence. They may opt to place an order either online or in-store, whichever is most convenient for them. The combination of the website and the mobile app provides a wide range of services that are not offered by other counterparts of the business. From creating their own bowls to sharing the franchise, the platform has offered a lot to its users.


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