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The Client

A client in real estate financing business with an experience of capital and construction lending wanted a service that would work with their current system. The client provides complete loan assistance for business projects and wanted a platform that could allow end users to apply for loans and manage their applications with the same ease. They needed a single point of access where commercial real estate-related small companies could go to apply for loans, manage their existing loans, and receive funds.



The Project

An experienced commercial real estate finance company with expertise in small-balance commercial lending approached AllianceTek to create a portal that can handle high volumes of traffic and the secure upload of many financial documents from end users. They needed an upgraded design that could be strong, secure, and scalable enough to manage all the data on the portal. The client wanted the portal to be user-friendly for borrowers, doing all the calculation jargon in the hindsight and ensuring that only relevant data was collected.

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Challenges & Solutions

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • Platform for Analyzing Government Programs

    The client was looking for an easy-to-use platform where government programs could be analyzed and automated in a short amount of time and provided with pinpoint accuracy.


    AllianceTek had a complete grasp of the client's needs and the time constraints of the government-run initiative. Specifically for this client's needs, we devised a solution and interface architecture. By using the agile methodology and providing the customer with incremental updates, we were able to meet all of our milestones and deliver all of the client's requested features on time.

  • Salesforce Platform configuration

    The customer requested that we develop a framework that works with their current Salesforce platform configuration and that can be made available to end users for the purpose of submitting and tracking loan applications.


    The solution was efficiently developed by the AllianceTek team on Azure Cloud by combining Microservices as application servers, Cosmos DB as the database, Azure Functions for ad hoc operations, and Logic Apps for automated flows with decision-making abilities. To do this without making any changes to the current configuration, we used .NET - SharePoint and Salesforce.com.

  • Integration of SBA (Small Business Administration) APIs

    In order to process the application in bulk, the client asked that the SBA (Small Business Administration) APIs be integrated with the limitations and third-party apps.


    The client has done various test runs with AllianceTek before committing to larger-scale initiatives, so we were familiar with their requirements. We developed a platform where borrowers could submit applications for various loans (including SBA/conventional, SBA 7a, and Bridge loans) and government programs (including PPP and PPP forgiveness).

  • Solid, Secure, and Scalable Architecture

    Due to the high volume of traffic and the sensitivity of the financial documents uploaded by end users, the client wanted the portal to be secure. The required architecture had to be solid, secure, and scalable in order to maintain the portal.


    AllianceTek's UI designers created an Angular-JS based front end for the client, allowing for a more immersive and intuitive user experience, and enabling the app to grow to huge, accurate workloads with ease. The user authentication process is integrated with Azure B2C. To accommodate the real-time nature of the project, we implemented a.net core and Cosmos DB-based infrastructure, as well as Conga Sign for adaptive document sharing and signing based on Salesforce data.

About Features



  • AllianceTek built a platform that streamlines the process of applying for loans and other forms of government support. To better serve small businesses in the commercial real estate sector, the Liberty SBF site facilitates the loan application, management, and funding processes.

  • Allowed users to sign up for the portal and then log in using their Azure B2C credentials.

  • We built a portal that walks Borrowers/Applications through each stage of the procedure, doing all necessary calculations in the background and ensuring that only the essential data is collected.

  • The portal will instruct the applicant on which files to submit in order to complete the application.

  • The applicant has the option of reviewing the application and submitting it after making any necessary changes.

  • Allowed the client to receive users' applications on their customized Salesforce.com once submitted and communicate with the borrower/applicant via an integrated Salesforce.com and Portal.

  • Integrated Conga Sign inside Salesforce.com to handle pre and post-funding paperwork once a loan has been approved.

What value did AllianceTek provide?

    • AllianceTek has streamlined the whole loan application to financing process by creating a portal via which borrowers may apply for loans and apply to government funding programs.

    • Despite technical difficulties, AllianceTek met the client's expectations on schedule.

    • We came up with strategies to deal with any technical setbacks in order to complete the task on time.

    • We used Azure B2C for end-user authentication without having to develop a new authentication system from scratch.

    • We built an architecture that is robust, safe, and scalable.

    • We included CongaSign so that applicants and the portal may electronically share and sign contracts and other documents.

    • Since the client's staff had been doing the application process manually, we were able to automate it by integrating SBA Apis.


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