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The Client

A client working in the public-oriented transportation field was looking for a unique funding solution for public transportation and municipality projects. They wanted an informational mobile application that could enable the client to efficiently interact and exchange documents with investors engaged in government-backed immigration programs. They also wanted the app to give investors a way to access and update their own profile information.

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The Project

The client found AllianceTek from Clutch.co and was impressed by their excellent track records and client reviews. They discussed the project with CTO and other tech members at AllianceTek and also referred to our past projects to move forward.

The client approached AllianceTek to build a unique investor application that could provide information to investors on the many immigration programs managed by the government. They also wanted the app to allow access to information such as their personal papers and documents pertaining to investments inside the app itself.

The client wanted the application to enable DVRC admins to send tailored push alerts to users with information on changes to documents or videos. Along with that, they also wanted to allow the users of the app to verify their previously supplied bank information at any time and also assist them in keeping their banking information up to date.

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    An Integrated Platform to Collect Different Module Data

    The client wanted an application that could work as an integrated platform to collect all the data from different modules driven by different technology stacks. i.e. SharePoint, PowerShell, MsAccess, MsSQL and .Net-based APIs.

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    Prior to implementing the app, the client shared information and documents by performing a variety of manual tasks; however, the team of AllianceTek made the app a one-stop solution to eliminate all the manual work. The end user could now access and manage all of their information in one location by making a few taps on the mobile app.

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    Manage Audio and Video Content From Different Sources

    It was a challenge for the client to manage video and audio content from different sources in a seamless manner.

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    The team of AllianceTek integrated SharePoint into the app using the app's library in order to handle the data stored in SharePoint's document library. We also integrated the JW player for video material so that it could be easier for the client to manage videos. We also included a feature in the app to assist the client in communicating any changes or documents in the form of video, text, or images respectively.

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Investor Information


  • The team of AllianceTek determined the specifications needed for the mobile application. and designed the app using Flutter technology, which enabled the creation of applications for both iOS and Android at a lower cost of development.

  • AllianceTek handled a variety of technology stacks and offered a comprehensive solution to the client.

  • Integrated support for authentication through Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Integrated support for video content through the JW player.

  • Used SharePoint Lists in order to develop dynamic content pages.

  • Provided push notifications by utilizing PowerShell scripts to establish connections between several databases and Google firebase.

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What value did AllianceTek provide?

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • The team of AllianceTek built application programming interfaces (APIs) in.net core and a database in MsSQL to handle bank information documents.

  • We managed a variety of technology stacks and offered a comprehensive solution to the client.

  • We determined the specifications needed for the mobile application.

  • We used MS SQL, PowerShell, SharePoint, Microsoft AD, Google Firebase, MS Access, Flutter and cross-platform app to provide a one-stop solution to the client


How did we manage large-scale projects from idea to completion?

  • We used Azure boards to manage the project effectively.

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