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Microsoft’s .NET application framework is the highly preferred, flexible software and web development environment used to create dynamic applications. It has significant development advantages over other frameworks and platforms, such as server side code compilation, a vast class library, language independence, and enhanced security.

AllianceTek’s .NET application development and .NET web development services offer a rich user experience and high-performance applications that provide users with a wide range of options.

AllianceTek’s .NET Consulting Services

AllianceTek has a long history of helping businesses select the right technology solution for their industry.

With our strong requirements and analysis gathering skills, along with our extensive experience in automating solutions with the right technologies and systems, our .NET consulting services provide you with .NET application services uniquely tailored for your business.

AllianceTek will help you select the best technology, define the right solution, and create a thorough, comprehensive roadmap for .NET web, .NET application, Silverlight application development and .NET MVC development services. We have successfully developed several .NET Web Development Services, including:

  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • ERP solutions
  • E-commerce
  • Intranet/extranet system
  • Content management system
  • Social networking solutions
  • Business intelligence and MIS
  • Business process automation
  • Learning management system
  • Custom business applications

AllianceTek are great professionals, with high competencies. They have always respected their commitments and they have always shown eagerness to help every time this was necessary. The challenges are never obstacles for AllianceTek. They take relevant initiatives in order to make the project moving forward. They never hesitate to ask the relevant competent person to intervene when the situation needs such intervention. Their sympathy and availability is very much appreciated. I warmly and professionally recommend AllianceTek. Our Company has already considered envisioning a long-term relationship with such a talented team.

- Jacques Molho
Toulouse, France

Application User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design

User experience is essential to an application’s viability and longevity. An app loaded with high-end features will be ineffective if its users aren’t comfortable with the interface.

AllianceTek’s Microsoft .NET Development Services focus on delivering intuitive, user-friendly designs that provide a great user experience. We can also create responsive mobile-friendly designs for your .NET applications.

Our expert UI and UX designers and .NET software developers place a high importance on usability and navigation, and create compelling designs to facilitate these needs – we will provide you with a design prototype that can help you make quicker and better decisions.

.NET Application Development

AllianceTek’s Microsoft-certified developers and experts will design, build, and deploy .NET application solutions to your specific business needs. We stay abreast with the latest trends and enhance our development practices accordingly. We’ve delivered various high-quality solutions with applications built using .NET MVC architecture.

Our experts can create technologically advanced applications on the .NET platform using other client-side technologies, such as JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, and JQuery, and in-source technologies such as Silverlight application development.

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.NET Application Development Services

As a true technology partner, we don’t just follow your instructions, but work to build the best possible solutions with the features you need. Our experts will guide you to the right technology and convert your ideas into a full-fledged product. We work carefully to understand your requirements and build a roadmap to address all of your needs. Through our methodical approach and process engineering by our .NET application developers, we ensure that you receive a scalable business solution with intuitive UI design and easy, simplified user navigation.

Product development is a continuous process. After we’ve developed and deployed your solution, we provide maintenance and updates to ensure that the product is kept up to date with the latest technologies at a minimal cost.

Mobile Application Backend Development (MBAAS)

Enhance your customers’ mobile application experience with Microsoft’s .NET Solution. Manage and store information, connect data sources, pull information from your current system, or extend your system to mobile with a customized back-end system on a .NET platform.

Architecture Design Services

.NET applications vary in size and complexity.

AllianceTek believes it’s important to create an initial robust architectural design, and plan the solution accordingly. AllianceTek’s architectural design services provide scalable and performance-boosting solutions in various sizes and complexities depending on the needs of your business. Our sensible use of frameworks and models, such as WebForms and MVC, and reusable code, allow us to minimize costs and development time.

Application Testing

AllianceTek provides multi-dimensional and micro-level quality assurance.

We perform automated and manual QA tests, including:

  • Design and conceptual testing
  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Integration testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Scalability and performance testing
  • Security testing

AllianceTek performs testing at all development stages, from design through deployment, to ensure the solution we deliver meets the standards you want.

Application Integration

Many businesses use more than one system to manage their processes. AllianceTek’s team of professional .NET consulting services experts can help you unify your business processes onto a single system. We are experienced in seamlessly integrating systems with the following:

  • Databases, such as SQL Server
  • Third-party applications, such as Ariba Punchout for e-commerce
  • Integrating with other Microsoft products, such as SharePoint, Exchange Server, Excel, and SkyDrive
  • Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Cloud integration, such as Amazon, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Payment gateway integration, such as PayPal and Authorize .NET
  • Shipping integration, such as USPS

.NET Migration

AllianceTek’s domain expertise as a .NET application development company enables us to offer seamless .NET migration services. Whether you’re looking to migrate your legacy system, or upgrade your system to take advantage of the latest trends, we can help you with your .NET migration.

Implementation and Deployment

AllianceTek provides cost-effective, secure hosting solutions with maximum uptime, and can help you configure small to large web applications, exchange servers, databases, storage spaces, and cloud computing solutions, such as Microsoft Azure. We will ensure that your web application is available to your audience around the clock.


AllianceTek provides training materials and training sessions after a system has been developed for a great, hassle-free user experience. We know that a system can only achieve its desired results if users are properly trained and can effectively navigate the system. For this reason, we stress the importance of training after we’ve provided our clients with our user-friendly designs.

.NET Application Support and Maintenance

Software development is an iterative process, and AllianceTek provides on-going business support. We will listen and respond immediately to your feedback and inquiries, and take quick action regarding your problems and requests.

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Why AllianceTek?

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion – we don’t just follow instructions, we unleash the full potential of your vision. AllianceTek employs a global team of more than 100 skilled developers and consultants who approach every project holistically, giving full around-the-clock attention to understanding our clients’ needs and providing comprehensive, scalable and extensible development roadmaps.

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