.NET Web & Application Development Solutions

AllianceTek delivers Microsoft .NET solutions. Our team has extensive experience in delivering secure, scalable, and robust web, desktop, and software applications using the .NET framework. These solutions include business process automation, business intelligence, .NET Shopping Cart Development, Microsoft .NET CMS Development Services, intranet/extranet, portals, e-learning, .NET eCommerce Development Solutions, and more.

Quite simply, .NET Solutions are the best choice for building medium to large-scale applications, because its architecture enables code reusability, vast class libraries, ready-to-use custom web-controls, rich UI controls, and many other dynamic features that increase development speed and cost-efficiency.

AllianceTek was the major difference in our project getting completed and our company growing into the automated system it is today. The level of service you receive starts right from the owner himself down through his levels of staff and implementation specialists regardless of their location worldwide. AllianceTek has become our technology and implementation partner and we highly recommend their service to any company small or large who is looking for timely, active and effective implementations. Thank you AllianceTek.

- Mark Johnston(CEO)
Annuities HQ
Toronto, ON Canada

AllianceTek: a Microsoft .NET Web Development Company

When you need to Hire Dedicated .NET Developers, AllianceTek is Microsoft-certified, experienced --and staffed with trained experts skilled in building .NET web and desktop solutions.

  • .NET Web Development Solutions

    • Rich .NET solutions with a dynamic set of features and an intuitive user interface provide a great user experience.
    • AllianceTek delivers successful web solutions using .NET with responsive websites, optimized search performance with content management capabilities, and integrated APIs to create tools for end-users.

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  • .NET Desktop Solutions

    • We build stable and reliable desktop applications on the .NET framework.
    • AllianceTek has extensive experience in building client-server applications with real-time data integration.
    • The .NET desktop solutions we develop provide invaluable resources that will help you automate specific business processes to improve performance, employee communication, and productivity.

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  • ERP Solutions

    • Efficient ERP solutions increase ROI and business efficiency with improved workforce management.
    • Interactive dashboards and data visualization tools improve business intelligence and give you a leg up over competition.
    • AllianceTek develops and implements ERP systems in medium- and large-scale industries, including engineering, textile, and construction. ERP systems provide these businesses with rich features such as sales management, purchase automation, inventory, HR, and financial management.

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  • eCommerce Solutions

    • .NET solutions provide robust eCommerce applications with a reliable product catalogue manager, efficient order management and tracking functionality, and payment gateway integration.
    • AllianceTek’s eCommerce solutions enable advanced search capabilities that provide a user-friendly experience to customers and employees.
  • Intranet/Extranet System

    • With Microsoft .NET solutions, AllianceTek offers customized intranet and extranet systems that provide better business efficiency and collaboration within and without your organization with stakeholders and business associates.
    • Users can ensure the security of their system with dynamic user access controls that allow unparalleled project and task management overview.
  • Content Management System

    • .NET desktop solutions provide the optimal environment for your content management system to efficiently manage, share, edit, and review all types of content at an enterprise level, including documents, graphics, and reports.
    • AllianceTek will customize your system to fit your unique needs, giving you the ability to brand your content and navigate the system the way that works for you.
  • Customer Relationship Management System

    • Empower sales executives to track customer interactions, pull historical data, and get lead information all in one location through a .NET solution CRM system.
    • Increase sales and your business’ value with real-time, automated alerts to ensure that no detail gets overlooked.

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  • Business Intelligence and MIS

    • Dependable and precise business reporting provides insights and key information for faster decision-making.
    • AllianceTek’s developers are experts at data warehousing, caching, and mirroring.
    • .NET can deliver unified and improved data storage solutions that ensure the information you need is available to inform your decisions for the best results.
    • Rich features, such as automated data retrieval, scheduling data exchange, automated reports, and more.

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  • Business Process Automation

    • Microsoft’s .NET solution’s business process automation aligns people, processes, and systems – it gives your workforce the tools and means to successfully use technology to achieve the results you want.
    • AllianceTek creates customized business solutions tailored to your specific needs, and implements workflows, advanced business alerts, document management, content management, integration and more, all of which work to effectively streamline your existing business processes.

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  • Learning Management System

    • Manage courses, students, and teachers, as well as the administrative activities of educational institutions with a .NET learning management system for online education.
    • AllianceTek’s robust e-learning platform provides five essential and powerful elements: education, collaboration, communication, evaluation, and management. Each element contributes to the greater functionality of the whole system, providing a dynamic range of teaching and learning opportunities.
    • AllianceTek’s e-learning solutions offer features such as video streaming, downloadable transcripts, podcast subscriptions, online tests, custom landing pages, and other components that leverage technology to promote communication and understanding.
    • Rich user features such as assignment management, discussion boards, announcements, course management, and scheduling make managing an institution much easier.

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  • Unified Billing System

    • Microsoft’s comprehensive .NET solution manages billing systems and provides systematic storage for all required billing information, while offering a uniform data structure and user interface.
    • AllianceTek enables users to effectively manage branding, products, and various services through a uniform data structure and interface.
    • Our solutions are user-friendly. They improve performance, allow for greater accessibility and offer enhanced system security.

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  • Mobile Application Back-End Development

    • Enhance your mobile application experience with a customized back-end system on the .NET platform.
    • Manage and store information, connect data sources, pull information from your current system, or extend your system to mobile.

    Mobile Applications:

    Develop back-end to store and manage application information.

  • Portals

    • AllianceTek helps create value-added portals that facilitate easy access to information across organizations and improve your business operations.
    • The portals we create can serve businesses in a number of ways, including collaboration, streamlining analytics, and data management.
    • AllianceTek’s experts are experienced in creating B2B and B2C portals that include features such as listing, searching, CMS, eCommerce, payment gateways, and shipping integration. We are proficient in taking your concepts and ideas, and turning them into dynamic and efficient portals.

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.Net Web Application Development

  • AllianceTek creates industry-specific solutions and serves businesses in a variety of fields, including event management, real estate, restaurants, trade and finance, insurance, education, healthcare, and legal.
  • Event Management

    • AllianceTek facilitates efficient event planning, marketing, registration, and post-event analysis.
    • We have experience in building solutions to manage small and large-scale events.
    • We provide a complete set of tools to strategize, plan, and execute events.
    • We can create tailored, industry-specific event management solutions with rich features such as event listings, event management, registration management, payments, campaigns, attendee management, and ticketing.
  • Loan Management Solution

    • Loan management solutions for financial institutes and mortgage companies.
    • AllianceTek will deliver a complete suite of loan management solutions with automated checklists to ensure submission of mandatory documents, tracking abilities to follow correspondence logs, process views, history changes, and more.
    • A complete toolkit to automate the loan process.
    • An alert system to send automated notification for loan dues, current loans in pipelines, due dates, and outstanding loans.
    • AllianceTek has developed a customized loan management system integrated with Calyx Point to retrieve data, and has created tools to manage and monitor the loan process.

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  • Restaurants

    • Our tailored restaurant management solution can assist you in smoothly managing a restaurant or a chain of restaurants.
    • AllianceTek has experience in providing a comprehensive restaurant management system and back-end administration with features such as online ordering, menu listing, and order management, including order entry and order tracking, inventory management, and delivery management.

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  • Golf Club Management

    • AllianceTek has designed a unique product to manage golf club activities.
    • A responsive, simplified golf club management solution accessible via your mobile device.
    • A completely automated solution to manage members, employees, and golf courses.
    • Store management with POS integration.
    • Manage events such as weddings or corporate functions.
    • Features include tee-time booking, a golf course maintenance book, starter’s dashboard, and more.
  • Coaching Management

    • Executive coaching has never been so easy.
    • Our cloud-based executive coaching management suite will provide you with the ability to manage your sessions, students, teachers, billings, and bookkeeping.
    • Manage your coaching sessions from any location at any time.

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  • Health Care

    • Easy, secure, scalable, and completely reliable EMR solutions for your health care organization.
    • Manage medical records, patient information, case histories, clinical documents, billing, and information forms in a centralized system.
    • Our customized EMR solution can help health care organizations and medical practitioners of various practices handle their essential medical information with desktops and mobile devices.
    • We create web, desktop, cloud, and mobile solutions, and automate your medical practice based on the requirements you specify.
    • Features such as appointment scheduling, patient assessment, claims management, and an alert system for timely follow-ups and reminders will enable your patients to keep up with their busy schedules.
    • Our system is HIPAA-compliant.

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  • Membership Management Solution

    • We build timely, reliable, and cost-effective membership management solutions.
    • By providing our services on a SaaS model, we can offer various rich features to facilitate member management, document management, discussion boards, event calendars and data lists for offers.
    • Members can check-in, track attendance and POS (Point-of-Sale), process credit cards, schedule appointments, communicate via email, and monitor employee payroll.
    • We’re ready to provide you with a tailor-made solution that meets your business’ unique requirements.

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  • Spa Management Solution

    • AllianceTek’s spa management solution offers a variety of features.
    • Features include appointment scheduling, online booking, spa management, inventory control, employee management, client management, billing, POS, and payments.
  • Data Warehousing

    • A unified and improved data storage solution on the .NET platform offers optimal use and greater insight and analysis of business information.

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  • Custom Business Solutions

    • AllianceTek tailors web, desktop, and mobile applications to meet your business needs and turns your vision into a dynamic and efficient custom solution.

AllianceTek’s .NET Web Application Development

AllianceTek’s team of Microsoft-certified professionals includes analysts, architects, and developers. When you hire .NET programmers from AllianceTek, you’ll be getting a team with extensive .NET software development knowledge and experience, and can meet the most complex business requirements.

We invest a great deal of time into R&D, and keep abreast with all updates on the latest releases, improvements, and versions of .NET solutions.

We explore the full capabilities of a Microsoft .NET solution for your business. We utilize the best combination of server-side coding using C# and VB.NET, and client-side coding with HTML5, Silverlight, JQuery, JavaScript, and AJAX. Depending on your requirements, we also provide integrated .NET solutions that work in conjunction with your existing or third-party system, or other Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Excel, and OneDrive.

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As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion – we don’t just follow instructions, we unleash the full potential of your vision. AllianceTek employs a global team of more than 100 skilled developers and consultants who approach every project holistically, giving full around-the-clock attention to understanding our clients’ needs and providing comprehensive, scalable and extensible development roadmaps.

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