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The Client

The client wished to develop a stock market tracker platform that provides in-depth latest stock analysis and insights from the successful stock advisors at your fingertips. This platform allows users to interact with trusted and verified profitable investors with a proven success record. Now get real-time market and sentiment data, get free sensitive stock tips from verified resources, chat with other peer traders through crypto and stock charts and videos, and a lot more. Download the app now and make intelligent trading decisions.

Social Media Trading App | About The Client
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The Project

A client from North America approached AllianceTek to build a social media trading app that can track the sentiments of the investors by providing real-time stock and market updates and connect with top-rated investors with a proven track record in a single platform. The main aim of the client is to build a real-time, scalable, and high-performing investing community app for stock traders to take better and smart investment decisions by keeping an eye on each market movement.

Social Media Trading App | About The Project



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    Development of a strong architecture to bridge real-time gaps between front-end and back-end

    In order to build a robust and scalable system that supports real-time data streaming, capturing, and retrieval as and when needed and scaling architecture in a real-time scenario was an ultimate need of an hour. Our developers faced several challenges while developing the entire connected structure as below:

    • The platform has live data stock feeds, which keep changing as per the market fluctuations. In such a case, the integration of a live data stock feed with an appropriate data provider that retrieves data in real-time without any glitches was a major challenge.

    • The app has a live charts section that shows the real-time market and sentiments data. Finding and integrating a chart library that is flawless, responsive, and easy to integrate with the live feeds was another challenge.

    • Generally, stock and trading platforms always face huge traffic since the entire activity conducted is real-time and is based on the current market situation. In such a case, tuning the backend to enhance the performance and throttling the calls to the data provider was a technical challenge that needed strong architecture to support the app.

Social Media Trading App | Challenge



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    Social Apps for Tracking Accuracy of Calls

    • The development team at AllianceTek demonstrated its capabilities efficiently by developing a whole new Android and iOS based social apps that tracks accuracy of calls people make on the platform.

    • AllianceTek’s expert development team build a high performing mobile app by conducting a feasibility study, market research, UI design, technologies, and frameworks from the beginning.

    • The company designed scalable and high-performance architecture and backend using cutting-edge technologies.

    • AllianceTek created UI from scratch that is not only responsive but intuitive and engaging for the nature of the project.

    • The team worked with innumerable real-time feed providers to find the best one to handle real-time requests and traffic.

    • AllianceTek explored the best charting library to have flawless and high-performance interactive graphs.

    • Development of mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.

Social Media Trading App | Solution
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Investor Information


  • A social media-trading platform for stock traders to get real-time and sensitive stock and market-related tips from verified traders.

  • Users can register and create a stock watch list to gauge the current market trends.

  • Tracking of real-time stock price changes and inflation.

  • Post prediction on the stocks with bullish/bearish tags along with the expiry period for the prediction.

  • Users can post text / Images/gifs and videos for the prediction which makes the content very engaging and informative.

  • An overall sentiment tracking is performed based on the predictions made over the period

  • Tracking of the price targets predicted by a number of users for short-term and long-term predictions.

  • The app keeps track of the accuracy of the predictions made by the user. The user with the most accurate predictions would be tagged as a smart User.

  • Development of a robust and interactive charting mechanism for the stocks.

  • The users can follow each other and perform multi-chatting.

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