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The Client

An Ecommerce company that focuses to deliver a custom eCommerce marketplace to startups, mid-scale, and enterprises globally. The company visions to build a global platform that allows vendors and customers from a similar culture to connect and provide service to its peers through a SaaS based mobile app.

Ecommerce online marketplace | About The Client
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The Project

Client approached AllianceTek to build a global online marketplace that enables vendors and customers from similar culture to connect and provide business to each other via a progressive multi-lingual mobile app backed by a cloud-based SaaS platform. The main aim of the client is to allow connecting people or businesses from similar cultures to leverage more business opportunities at a global level by creating a Progressive Web Application (PWA) with a mobile-first approach.

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    Development of a full-fledged mobile app within a restricted timeline & budget

    Though there are multiple online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, available to cater to your requirements, there hardly exists any cultural platform that connects like-minded businesses and people belonging to the same culture speaking the native language. The client saw an opportunity and want to untap into this unique concept by building a comprehensive online marketplace allowing vendors and customers from native culture and language to connect and offer business to each other globally by creating a Progressive Web Application(PWA) with a mobile-first approach.

    Development of a multilingual application with i18n capabilities based on technologies like React js with Redux for State Management, GraphQL for Querying the DB, and MySQL as Database within a strict budget and timeline was indeed a major challenge imposed in front of AllianceTek to accomplish it with exceptional results.

Ecommerce online marketplace | Challenge



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    Development of a Multilingual Progressive Web Application (PWA)

    • AllianceTek developed a multilingual Progressive Web Application (PWA) with i18n capabilities based on top-notch technologies including React js with Redux for State Management, GraphQL for Querying the DB, and MySQL as Database.

    • This online SaaS platform takes the country of origin and Languages as a base to connect Vendors to Buyers from the same culture or country globally so that people who know the same language can find one another.

    • This platform allows vendors to list their business for potential buyers by feeding information such as business service name, service details, origin country, location, language, and more.

    • Based on the information of the vendors, buyers can find them for the services as per their location.

    • Our development team makes sure that new languages are added to the platform with ease in such a way that it reflects instantly in the entire database.

    • Our skilled and proficient designing team holds immense experience in material design and integrated UI design in such a manner that it offers an intuitive interface.

    • An admin panel was created for the client team to manage vendors and buyers seamlessly on the platform.

    • Multiple roles were assigned where the admin can manage activities like vendor subscription along with generating reports for ROI, due/overdue/upcoming subscriptions, and more.

    • API’s like PayPal and Stripe were integrated to manage subscription and payments for the platform

    • Google Address API was integrated to get accurate addresses and locations for the businesses along with getting proper search results.

    • To translate English content to multilingual content, Google Translate API was integrated by our development team.

    Overall, AllianceTek developed a robust and performance-oriented technologically advanced SaaS app for the client within the budget and the timeline. The application is hosted on AZURE with autoscaling architecture.

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Investor Information


Some of the radiant features of the Ecommerce application are as below:

  • Generation of PDF and Excel reports tracking sales and ROI for business decision making purpose.

  • Custom UI integration to offer a seamless user experience.

  • Progressive Web Application (PWA) with a mobile-first approach.

  • GPS Location based search algorithm.

  • Development of i18n multilingual app to manage several languages

Ecommerce online marketplace | Features

Value Provide

What Value Did AllianceTek Provide to this Project?

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • AllianceTek builds a robust and user-friendly progressive web app with a mobile-first approach to manage vendors and buyers as per the language origin.

  • Multiple API integrations to manage payment, subscriptions, and to get an accurate location.

  • Enhanced user experience

  • Addition of new languages with ease in such a way that it reflects instantly in the entire database.

  • Improved overall system functionality and usability

  • Development of a one-of-a-kind app within strict deadline and budget.

  • Agile development approach with AZURE autoscaling architecture.


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