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A Comprehensive Cannabis ERP Solution


The Client

A client approached AllianceTek to build a comprehensive AI-powered architecture to track the entire manufacturing processes and in-store experience right from seed to sale of the legal cannabis industry. The client’s ultimate goal is to track the entire manufacturing process of the cannabis, including a comprehensive audit trail of all the production processes, cost of production, versioning control, and distribution channel. The POS and dispensary solution provide a platform for retail sales, in-store and ecommerce features as well.


The Project

To amalgamate multiple cannabis manufacturing services into a single solution, the client consulted AllianceTek to develop a single architecture to take care of the cannabis business from seed to sales. The client's vision is to develop a system that can take care of the different aspects of the cannabis lifecycle from manufacturing, inventory, purchase, payment, product distribution and promotion and more in compliance with Metrc and bio track standards.


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    Management of multiple use-cases in single architecture

    As per the USA rules and norms, the use of Cannabis is highly restricted in direct form. However, there are certain provinces in USA that allow the use of Cannabis in medicinal use in strict regulation.

    Since cannabis production and distribution business is a wide industry, the client wanted to manage multiple workflow and use-cases through a single architecture for seamless interaction convenient operation. Development and implementation of a SaaS based product/system in compliance to US federal law that can accommodate comprehensive range of company specific needs and customization was indeed a key challenge to be faced.


    AllianceTek, with its proven expertise in delivering cloud-based solutions, provided the necessary consultation and developed a comprehensive SaaS based product that helped client to streamline and serve cannabis industries process.

    how we surpassed the challenge and delivered a full-fledged, business-ready Cloud ERP solution:

    • The development team design a cloud-based architecture using various technology stacks to streamline multiple processes right from receiving cannabis and non-cannabis inventory to shipping finished products through single output system.

    • Our developers built multiple customized modules, API’s and software to solve multiple pain points so as to cater the dynamic business needs.

    Our Software engineers defined and built different modules to track every job and run effective audit across all jobs like a pro.

    • CBD Ecommerce:

      If you’ve an established offline cannabis business and want to replicate its digital presence, then it’s time to get your business online with fully customizable, done-for-you, Hemp CBD compliant website in just few hours.

    • Cannabis Manufacturing ERP

      It helps to track and trace hemp production & processing with automated workflows.

    • Dispensary POS & Online Ordering

      The complete business solution for your dispensary. This module involves everything right from inventory management, customer check-in, point of sale, promotions, online retail system to make your dispensary run smoothly.

    In order to get adhered with cannabis compliance, AllianceTek explored and worked with Metrc for compliance and integrated it with the platform to align with US laws.

Features of ERP Solutions

AllianceTek developed a comprehensive solution for cannabis industry where it supports different aspects of cannabis lifecycle. Some of its salient features as per different modules are as follows:

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    Cannabis Manufacturing ERP

    • Track and trace hemp production and processes through automated workflow.

    • “Done-for-you” formula-based manufacturing process SOPs for effective job scheduling.

    • Integration with quick books and tax ready to get insights into inventory lots.

    • Manage production machines and overall machine effectiveness with asset tracking features.

    • Control over entire production and sale with master production schedule.

    • Bills of materials to get in-depth understanding of all your production components and its quantities.

    • Access to employee time logs with employee time tracker.

    • Track and trace deals and its nature and manage it.

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    Dispensary POS and Online Ordering

    • A fully customized dispensary management software to get deep insights into data and track changes right from accounting to staff performance.

    • In Store POS systems to help employees focus on leveraging best customer experience while automatically handling all regulatory and reporting requirements.

    • Customer Engagement Gro tools to provide you insights for initiating right sales call and tools you need to capitalise on them.

    • Deliver a seamless, modern retail experience at your dispensary by processing cash and PIN based payments in-store.

    • Supplier to sale compliance

    • Inventory management system to track every gram from field to customer and make regulatory compliance effortless.

    • Smart CRM system to create user journey and track customer performance in real-time scenario.

    • Dashboards for Admin / Employee to keep track on multiple activites.

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    CBD eCommerce

    • Fully customized and compliant CBD cannabis website templates to establish your digital presence in hours.

    • Cannabis POS and Headless ecommerce to make your business a success, including tracking best sellers, changes in performance, historical patterns, and more.

    • Powerful business analytics to take accurate business decisions.

    • Dedicated technical support team for better web design assistance and SEO optimization.

    • Custom Staff management module to adjust permission from check-in to full database customer communication and marketing.

    • Custom rewards, promotion and sales program to promote your business.

What value did AllianceTek provide?

AllianceTek built a resource management and tracking cloud based software for manufacturers in cannabis and hemp industry that helps their business to streamline processes from receiving cannabis and non-cannabis inventory all the way to shipped finished products.

    • We integrated Metrc compliance with the software for client’s company’s compliance, chain-of-custody and tracking which allow company to have unique barcode to track lots and batches.

    • Integration of decentralized database on platform for traffic scalability.

    • Development & Integration of different modules like POS, ERP, Ecommerce Store into a fully-functional SaaS based product for single output.

    • It improved lead generation for better sales and targets.

    • Develop a highly scalable solution that grows automatically when the number of users increases.

    • Various API’s, certificate of analysis, SDS (safety data sheets) and internal SOPs are stored centrally to eradicate audit pain-points and thus maintain smooth functioning.

    • Development and integration of various marketing growth tools like GRO APP to conduct marketing activities.

    • Development of this solution helped client to onboard 10+ clients & 500+ users within 3 months of launch.

    • Higher engagement ratio and retention rate.


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