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Custom CRM App for Monday.com Marketplace


About Client

The client is an Australian based consultancy helping mid-size businesses to set up business workflows using Monday.com framework. Having the ability to personalize workflow that reflect their business, the client acts as a gateway to help streamline and automate repetitive task and thus minimize the room for errors and improves overall efficiency for the small, medium and enterprise businesses in Asia Pacific regions.



Business Needs

Develop a scalable yet automated CRM application that streamlines the entire workflow and core business functions in a seamless manner. Since this COVID-19 has caused majority sales team to make a shift on video conferencing, and web sales model, the main aim of the client is to build a robust yet end-to-end CRM solution with intuitive UI that help team leaders and sales representatives to take control over business deals thus eliminating the manual process and saves time without any extensive training.


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    Reflecting frequent changes in the CRM workflows

    While Monday.com is growing large customer base each day, the new and existing users even after constant usage of the framework, lacks the advanced knowledge to convert the existing workflows onto the boards. The sales representative and business operators were finding it hard to translate existing CRM’s workflows or to make changes and reflect them efficiently on boards. Furthermore, the client’s maximum time and resources was heavily invested in feeding data in CRM’s. Such bottlenecks makes it even difficult to onboard a new team member which further makes the process more cumbersome.

    Apart from this, since Monday.com framework is powered by the Graph SQL technology, the API restrictions even makes it harder for the development team to customize the CRM and to achieve the desired objective.

    Some of the most challenging issues are as follows:

    • How to update column and get its description?

    • How to share data between two boards using a single view through local storage on monday.com?

    • Is there any webhook that can update, delete or make changes in the column?

    • How to delete particular column using API?

    • How to store values in third party database?


    We created an application that:

    • AllianceTek built a SaaS based end-to-end CRM solution that provides aerial view of the workflow in deal stages to business and sales associates so that everyone is on the same page.

    • Our development team curated few integrated and automated boards including opportunity register, link register, company directory, company contact, sales action, competitors link, and product lookup table interlinked with each other to take better decisions.

    • An aesthetically pleasing and interactive UI was created keeping in consideration Monday.com CRM app guidelines.

    • The CRM app for Sales Teams aims to empower monday.com users with a guided, easy-to-navigate, powerful and robust CRM solution.

    Two different views were created to enhance the efficiency of the project:

    • Configure view focuses to configure workflow and train any sales representative while joining team.

    • Sales Representative view focuses at operational level to manage flow of the opportunities and thus speeds up the process.

    • Admin and user roles and permission modules were created so as to share the access rights to the authorized personnel and not to everyone.

    • A complete integrated CRM solution that help sales team to easily create and manage automated workflows and solutions for any team with just a few clicks.

    • Our development team ensured that the client has complete control over the system. They can create multiple boards where they assign task to the subordinates, set due date, manage multiple threads and can even like and make comments.

Custom CRM App


  • Leveraging aerial view of the workflow in Deal stages that keeps everyone informed.

  • Automating repetitive task and thus avoid redundancy and improves efficiency.

  • Tailored automated dashboards and widgets like battery widget, graph widget and number widget to showcase clear sales funnel to management.

  • Independent workflow and sales representative view to segregate the activity and enhance the productivity.

  • Give more visibility to team leaders to manage and control CRM without any extensive training.

  • Custom CRM solution well-suited for any business organization.

  • Inviting organization users to collaborate on different phases.

  • Track sales pipelines for give opportunities.

Features Bottoms

What value did AllianceTek provide?

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    Transformative Solution

    • The solution proposed by AllianceTek helped client to secure 5th rank out of 1600 under category of “creative app” from Monday.com.

    • This CRM flow app helped the client’s business to take better and accurate business decisions.

    • A lot of organizations have shown interest in exploring and adapting Monday.com CRM app as a solution for their organization.


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