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E-signature and Workflow Platform


About Client

The client was looking for an intelligent collaboration, e-signature, and workflow platform that can enable documented chain-of-custody transactions, and legally authentic document creation, along with individual and entity verification. They wanted an appropriate library to achieve the e-signature flow and customize the e-signature library. They also wanted to upload bulk files at high resolution.


The Project

A client approached AllianceTek to create a combination of workflow and e-signature platform as a desktop application that allows both Windows and Mac OS users to create a work order and assign it to the scanning provider of their choice. They wanted an authorization and digital document signing application that could enable digital document e-signatures using entrust certificates and allow the processing of large-sized files and the e-signature to those files.


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    Drawbacks in the Legacy System

    The client was stuck with a legacy system with lots of issues.


    AllianceTek created a similar platform with a new intuitive UI and also resolved issues with performance, which allowed scanning providers to process more work orders in lesser time.

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    Large-scale Data Integration

    The client wanted a common platform to achieve smooth e-signature flow, bulk data e-signature upload, integration of the legacy scanning app, and processing of large files.


    AllianceTek followed the agile method and gave incremental updates to clients to achieve desired features as per agreed deadlines. We customized the PDFTron library to achieve the custom flow for document approval before the document e-signature and used Javafx for the desktop app UI.



  • Allows clients and scanning providers to register themselves and do further tasks once they are verified by the Uniksign (super admin).

  • A multi-purpose platform for transactional attorneys, compliance and risk officers, and information officers.

  • A 7-step document digitalization and authorization method to guide the client and scanning provider smoothly throughout the process.

  • Allows users to validate the document before signing and suggest any changes required to the document.

  • APIs available for 3rd party to integrate the signing platform and digitally sign the documents in bulk.

  • PDFtron integration.

  • Entrust document used from Azure Key vault.

Features Bottoms

What Value Did AllianceTek Add To This Project?

    • AllianceTek carefully understood the client requirements and designed the authorization process starting from the work order to the 7 steps to guide the workflow and document upload modules.

    • We created an authorization desktop app with an intuitive UI for a better user experience.

    • We used different technologies to fulfil the backend and front-end requirements.

    • We explored various libraries for e-signature processing to finalize the most viable.


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