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Credit Union Collaboration Platform


About Client

A tailored SharePoint solution was developed to enable seamless collaboration, communication and content management. The solution streamlined the business information and processes which in turn increased productivity and enhanced collaboration.

Credit Union Collaboration Platform | About Client

What value did AllianceTek provide?

    • The successful technology partnership with AllianceTek enabled the client to be able to use the new SharePoint Platform to unite credit unions and vendors and enabling them to connect and work together easily.

    • The solution involved streamlining the communication process by connecting 3 entities – employees, credit unions and vendors.

    • AllianceTek developed a comprehensive SharePoint solution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    • Credit union associates can also post classified ads to buy/sell products and services.

    • The solution enabled users to register, access, manage and track electronic documents in a document library, find quality resources, post ideas and improvements to the website.

    • Credit unions can also review and rate registered vendors. However official posting depends on the approval of the administrator.

    • AllianceTek worked with the client in implementing an enhanced collaboration platform.


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