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Custom SAAS Membership Management Portal


About Client

Member Solutions provides billing and marketing software solutions and services to member-based organizations. Since these clients may have thousands of users, Member Solutions needed a custom software solution flexible enough to meet this demand. They sought the assistance of AllianceTek to create a software-as-a-solution that would be monitored, managed and maintained AllianceTek’s end. This SaaS application relieved Member Solutions of the challenge of maintaining an in-house software solution and accommodated the various needs of their clients with a robust set of features like check-in, track attendance, input a point-of-sale, process credits cards, schedule appointments, communicate by e-mail and monitor employee payroll.

SaaS application was developed for member-based organizations to house the large amount of information and various set of robust features.

Custom SAAS Membership Management Portal | About Client

What value did AllianceTek add to this project?

    • The comprehensive SaaS application also included features like check-in, attendance tracking, facility to input point-of-sale, process credit cards, schedule appointments, email communication and employee payroll.

    • With the software management and maintenance left to AllianceTek, the solution enabled the client to eliminate the hassles and higher costs of maintaining an in-house software.

    • AllianceTek worked with the client as an extended development partner to provide an effective solution.

    • The new system offered complete flexibility and drastically reduced costs.

    • The hybrid model gives AllianceTek the ability to develop, manage and maintain applications using round-the-clock global resources for a timely, reliable and low cost SaaS solution.

    • The SharePoint solution featured discussion boards, document management system, events calendar and search.

    • AllianceTek implemented a customized SharePoint solution to provide content management system.


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