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SharePoint Collaboration Platform


The Client

A SharePoint based collaboration platform was developed that featured CMS and other communication features to increase communication, efficiency and productivity across a large campus.

SharePoint Collaboration Platform | The

What value did AllianceTek provide?

    • AllianceTek offered end-to-end services through its hybrid development model focusing on multi-team collaboration of offshore and onshore teams. This ensured timely and better coordination, extremely reliable solution.

    • The strategy not only focused on current but also future planning which facilitates further modifications into the system easily.

    • Windows-based and forms-based authentication system lets user share content across departments.

    • Efficient communication features were added in the form of announcements and discussion boards.

    • An internal calendar system synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook and Website and reflects the changes at both the places happening either ways.

    • AllianceTek evaluated the current requirements and developed a strategy to implement efficient communication channels to connect all disparate parts of the current system.

    • With a document management and content management system in place it is easy to store and access information centrally.

    • Intranet and public-facing SharePoint solution was also offered with a user-friendly look and feel.

    • Implemented enhanced collaboration with new workflows, calendar system and automated alerts.


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