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Multi-Purpose Contractor App

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The Client

The client wanted an app that connected contractors and subcontractors around the region and allowed them to communicate for work. The platform offers a one-stop platform for clients to look for a contractor in their area, which saves them both time and money. The platform is available on iOS, Android, and web platforms, which gives everyone a chance to connect through. It also takes care of the payments. Once the Sub-contractor has completed the assigned work and Approved by General Contractor, the payment gets transferred into their bank or PayPal account.

Multi-Purpose Contractor App | About The Client
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The Project

A client approached AllianceTek to build a customized platform to connect contractors and clients from their area in order to make a more filtered, effective way of performing the construction work. The main objective of the client is to build a user-friendly, multi-platform app that offers performance-based solutions and gives the clients the freedom to choose their own contractors.

Multi-Purpose Contractor App | About The Project



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    Contractor Management

    It was difficult for the client to manage and pay contractors or workers on-site for their work. Even when the contractors and subcontractors completed their work, it was not up to mark but it was too late to redo it. Moreover, it was difficult and expensive to find a contractor in the area. It was exhausting to find one and get work done.

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    AllianceTek worked with the client to create an app that allowed clients, contractors, and subcontractors to register on their platform and find suitable construction workers without any hassle. It also included a payment method through which the client could pay once the contractor completed their work.

    Payment Integration

    The subcontractors are paid by general contractors once they complete their work. However, the payment process with Stripe did not work. Moreover, Apple made it compulsory to use their in-built payment gateway, which made it more challenging to do transactions.

    The idea was to make the platform compatible with all kinds of payments. The skilled professionals at AllianceTek shifted from Stripe to PayPal Web View and integrated it in all the three platforms. Apple payment getaway (only for iOS) was implemented in the 2nd phase to make the app much more compatible.

Multi-Purpose Contractor App | Challenge
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Investor Information


  • The development team at AllianceTek worked with the client to create a platform compatible with iOS, Android, and web applications.

  • Instead of creating a mediocre mobile application to save time and resources, AllianceTek took the opportunity to create an application using native languages.

  • Utilized technology stack such as iOS-Swift, Android, and Web Services- .NET to make an automated application that complies with the coming age of technology.

  • Included features like Google Maps listing, GPS User Tracking, and Payment Integration.

  • Made it easier for the GC (General Contractors) and SC (Sub-Contractors) to discuss work and accept or reject the project provided by either party.

  • Created a multi-payment getaway for quick and easy transactions.

Multi-Purpose Contractor App | Features

Value Provide

What Value Did AllianceTek Provide to this Project?

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • AllianceTek provided the client with a solution that could improve the platform's user-friendly interface and make management easier.

  • Providing an automated solution that goes way ahead into the future.

  • Creating a multi-dimensional platform that is not only helpful to clients but also to contractors and workers looking for work.


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