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The Client

This client has been working in the food business since 1986 and has so far expanded its franchise in several states. This food chain specializes in “fast casual” food, which they call the healthier and better alternative to fast food. The client’s business provides various food and salad options to its customers and even allows them to customize their orders with over 60 ingredients and endless combos.

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The Project

The client was looking for a way to revive their current platform and make it go digital so that anyone could savor the taste of healthy food at home. They wanted to create a platform that could be used to offer the customer's customization options as well as provide them with walk-in restaurant-related information.

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Challenges & Solutions

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First Challenge

A Multi-faceted Platform Showcasing All Food Options

  • Development of an easy-to-use platform that could provide the customer with all kinds of food options, which are both healthy and freshly sourced.

  • Integration of other options offered by the client along with the food menu.

  • Walk-in restaurant finder.


A Multi-faceted Platform Showcasing All Food Options


The new and updated platform catered to all the needs and more with its intuitive design and uncomplicated framework. It first focused on making the customers aware that the food they are ordering is fresh and organic. The portal also made sure that it provided the customers with the freedom to make their own salads and other food menus. With over 60 ingredients for endless combinations, the client made sure that each customer has their own choice of ingredients.

The client set the customers free. From dressings to extra toppings, the platform controls what they want in their food order.

The restaurant chain provided endless options for every taste bud, from Salads and Warm Grain Bowls to Wraps and Sandwiches. Not just adults but children are allowed to customize their orders.


The Result

A platform that not just serves salads and bowls to its customers but also allows them to test their tastebuds with food customization. It is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers everything from menu and catering to restaurant locations. Besides, they also take catering orders, where they serve healthy yet delicious food items. The website also has a ‘Franchise’ section for anyone interested in joining the business with them. Apart from all this, the website also offers rewards if you download the app. All in all, the platform and mobile application provide the sure-shot way to get your nutrition in without all the hassle of cooking and finding the right ingredients.


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