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Go-eView, Information Collection and Assessment Platform


The Project

go-eview, one of the largest information (Photo/Data) collection and assessment platform wanted to up the ante by improving the quality of its offerings. The French company’s platform offers advanced level photo and data collection that can be further used to build surveys, reports, plans, and gain other insights.

go-eview required the assistance of AllianceTek to raise the standards of its platform and enable the platform to render more actionable, intuitive, and accurate data collection, reporting, and surveying results. AllianceTek made that next-level experience, possible!

About Features


Benefits to Our Client

  • Able to avoid high maintenance costs; new features and applications introduced by AllianceTek makes go-eview more self-dependent and sustainable.

  • Service users with more accurate, accessible data thereby enabling them to make fact-based decisions.

  • Ability for Go-eview to evolve rapidly and respond to growing users faster and quicker.

  • Multiple enhancements added to the SaaS application will now allow their clients such as Kroger, Staples, and Pandora better respond to upcoming market challenges.

Why AllianceTek?

    • AllianceTek began the transformation of go-eview from the current version into a more customer-responsive platform with a thorough consultation.

    • Developed POCs and wireframes that validated real-world feasibility of recommended technological enhancement

    • Introduced new features such as “360-degree photo view” and “virtual tour” for an enhanced viewing experience.

    • Upgraded Geo-location and mapping capabilities; map layouts will now have representations of completed surveys.

    • Increased server capabilities; AllianceTek optimized their media storage and access capabilities by creating an on-demand cloud architecture.

    • Automation and New Mobile forms will now make surveys 10x faster. The intention was to allow users to create as many surveys as they want. Unless it was faster, it was not possible.

    • Implemented offline capabilities, so that critical resources (data) can be collected, accessed, and shared anytime, both internally and externally.


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