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About Client

The Client

One of the main objectives of the client was to create a task management platform that addresses the needs and demands of the Environmental and Waste management industry. It is a SaaS tool that other companies can use to assign tasks to other users, create job requests, schedules and more. It comes with a built-in CRM that helps track leads and sales activities. It consists of various workflow systems that are integrated keeping in the mind the flaws of the older system.

About Project

Business Needs

Enviroserve approached AllianceTek to develop a Scheduler and Job management platform to connect various users in the Environmental and Waste management industry and address their requirements. The client had a tool in mind that could help people plan jobs or those who wanted to manage their schedules effectively and assign tasks to other users. They wanted a web-based JRS SaaS tool that can create quotes and job request sheets, manage inventory by using barcodes with an inbuilt CRM to track leads and sales activities.

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  • Large Network Access Large Network Access
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Challenges & Solutions

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  • Multiple Workflow Management

    The older system used a lot of workflows for management, which was challenging to implement in the new system.


    The expert developers at AllianceTek not only effectively implemented those workflows into the new system but also created an efficient management system for a smoother operation. They created a subscription model that other users could subscribe to in order to access the job request portal, schedules, leads and sales activities, and other similar operations.

  • SaaS Level Scaling

    The older system had many things defined as static code, thereby reducing the elasticity of the project and preventing it to be scaled at the SaaS level.


    The team provided the necessary consultation and demonstrated underlying technology and principles using wireframes and POCs. The experts addressed the static coding part in order to build a scalable dynamic system, which could be easily used, expanded and made compatible with any third-party tool.

About Features



  • The experts at AllianceTek created a scalable dynamic task management platform that could handle thousands of active and simultaneous users at once. They built a multi-use platform that not only improved functionality but also enhanced usability.

  • Scaled the platform to the level where it could expand automatically when the number of users increased.

  • It also features an iPad app to automate the barcode scanning and waste chemical management process. It can be used to log vehicle entry and exit - this, in turn, updates the inventory records as per the office locations.

  • Incorporated the use of CRM to manage multiple workflows and leads effectively.

  • Created a Summary Dashboard for a quick review of recent records and billing reports for the accounts team.

  • Improved system performance compared to the past system.

What value did AllianceTek provide?

    • Followed a hybrid method and gave incremental updates to the client to achieve desired features as per agreed deadlines.

    • Created an advanced level search function to reduce the time taken to search for a record.

    • Worked on removing all the factors that were hampering the development of a dynamic tool.


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