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AllianceTek develops unique iOS applications that help clients create a personal experience for their audience on a handheld iphone device. With our expert team, iOS apps can be tailored to meet very specific needs and include a wide range of functionalities.

Reach your customers and reap the benefits of iOS by partnering with an experienced iOS App development team that follows a refined development approach.

AllianceTek developed an iPad app for us within a short frame of time and went above and beyond to deliver what we wanted. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to develop easy to use, professional quality apps. Thanks for a job well done!

- Shilpa Bisaria (Senior Associate)
  • iOS Application Development

    AllianceTek provides solutions that are secure and scalable, and our refined approach comes from years of experience in Apple app development. iOS Developers on our team have the programming skills to develop savvy mobile applications, and our business analysts have the know-how to ensure your requirements are fulfilled.

    We invest a great deal of time in R&D so we can adapt to the latest technology trends, such as robust iOS app features and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap and Titanium, to ensure that our apps work seamlessly on all iOS devices.

  • Product Development

    AllianceTek’s iOS developers can take charge and convert your idea into a working solution. In this case, we analyze your need and requirements, and plan out a thorough development roadmap that separates the project into distinct phases. From there, we develop a prototype to ensure we start on the right foot, and and incorporate client feedback to ensure we have an end-to-end plan on reaching our goal.

    With an agile methodology, we follow an iterative development cycle, and provide clients with regular updates while responding to feedback throughout the development lifecycle. With years of experience building ground-up iOS solutions, our team provides the entire development package, including user interface design, development, testing, and deployment, in addition to fulfilling our client’s specific business requirements.

  • iPhone Application Development Consulting Services

    AllianceTek has a long history of helping enterprises select the right technology for their businesses.

    With our focus on requirement gathering and our extensive experience in building solutions with the right technologies, we can provide you with thorough consulting surrounding iPhone app development.

    AllianceTek works with clients to discover their problems, define a solution, select the proper combination technologies, and plan end-to-end roadmap for iOS app development and implementation. Whether that roadmap demands iPhone or iPad app development, or an app that works flawlessly on all devices, AllianceTek can help you work through the possibilities and uncover the solution that meets your needs.

    Our team has extensive experience in helping with iOS for many different tasks in a variety of industries, such as health care, education, finance, transportation, pharmaceutical, fashion, travel, legal, real estate, security, and construction.

    Our iPhone application development team has successfully delivered iPhone and iPad apps for years, and has worked with iOS 6 through iOS 9. Because our iOS developers focus on that platform, they can stay current with trends and updates, and work to implement innovative ideas into the platform.

  • iOS Design

    Our team focuses on delivering intuitive designs that create a great user experience, and ensures that designs remain intact on all iOS devices. By planning a mobile-friendly navigation, and designing the app to work in both landscape and portrait orientation, we ensure that apps will perform and display optimally on all iPhones and iPads.

  • Architecture Design

    Planning an application’s architecture is the first step towards successful app development. iOS in particular demands an intelligent architectural design to ensure low development costs, short development time, and a quality application. With a dedicated focus to planning and building architecture during the beginning of a project, we provide secure, scalable, robust, and high-performance iOS apps.

  • Application Testing

    Throughout development, apps must be tested to ensure they meet client’s base requirements. Some of these tests include:

    • Device compatibility, to ensure optimum performance on all iOS devices.
    • Consistent performance on all service providers – as each service provider offers different bandwidths.
    • Synchronization between online and offline modes.
    • Design testing by gathering feedback from potential users.
    • Rigorous testing of the system for functionality, integration, scalability, and security.
  • Application Integration and Migration

    Developing an app takes planning, and bringing all your company’s existing data to the app takes an experienced integration and migration team. AllianceTek brings together business analysts and technical developers to work together and properly move huge amounts of data to new applications. This approach ensures smooth integration and migration of your current data with your new iOS app.

    We offer mobile integration and migration to:

    • Extend your existing system to mobile.
    • Integrate third-party or social media into your mobile application.
    • Upgrade from your legacy system.
  • Implementation and Deployment

    AllianceTek has worked on mobile applications for businesses in a wide range of industries, and we have extensive experience in deploying apps to the iTunes App Store. We strictly adhere to the App Store guidelines from the start of development to provide you with a zero-stress deployment.

  • Training

    Once your app is ready to go, AllianceTek can provide training sessions to ensure users are familiar with how to use their powerful new application. iOS is a potentially powerful tool, but a system can only achieve desired results if users are properly trained to effectively use the system. For this reason, we stress the importance of training to ensure employees adopt these new timesaving applications.

  • Application Support and Maintenance

    iPhone application development is an iterative process, and AllianceTek provides ongoing business support to meet those needs. Our team ensures that your mobile app stays current with system updates, and works with you to keep your application acting as a useful tool for your business for many years. With on-going support and maintenance from a long-term technology partner, you will be sure to get timely upgrades and high quality performance for your iOS application.

  • Partner with an iOS development partner

    AllianceTek’s expert iPhone app development team build apps that prove how powerful mobile can be for streamlining business operations, connecting employees and reaching customers. Through working on various iPhone and iPad apps, our team has gathered extensive experience in building iOS apps that adhere to industry standards.

Reap the benefits of an Apple App by partnering with an experienced iOS App development team that can bring your vision to life.
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