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A leading U.S. Hospital maintains a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment center, as well as a medical research complex. Established decades ago, the hospital’s campus has grown to 15 buildings dedicated to medical treatment and research. The hospital has established a number of biotech spin-off companies and formed strategic partnerships with researchers and health centers throughout the world.


Over the last ten years, the hospital has undergone major growth – adding new jobs and initiating one of the nation’s first hospital facilities dedicated to Phase I research. Connecting thousands of doctors, researchers, and other employees became a daunting task with their outdated IT infrastructure. In order to increase efficiency and productivity, the hospital needed a more consistent system for sharing and updating information across its facility and partners.

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To meet this challenge, the hospital sought the assistance of AllianceTek, an IT solutions firm with experience in designing large and complex management systems. AllianceTek assessed the current and future requirements for the hospital and designed a new site that seamlessly connected the disparate parts and functions of the hospital to enhance communications. Under this collaboration platform, AllianceTek included a document management and content management system across and within all departments. This featured an internal calendar system that synchronized with both Outlook and the website itself, so whenever data is entered it is reflected on both systems for the hospital and its various departments. The content management system allows users to easily place documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and other content on a centralized storage space. AllianceTek implemented an announcement system so admin users could share news with the rest of the staff. Finally, since there are nearly 25 departments at the hospital, AllianceTek created a windows-based and form-based authentication system so users can share content between departments.


AllianceTek implemented the solution by designing an Internet-facing SharePoint system. The announcement system utilizes the jQuery library to fetch and display announcements. AllianceTek created a task force site, value analysis site, news sections, and several other sites that can each hold up to two workflows. This allows certain documents and items to go through a predefined approval process by department personnel.


The result of the SharePoint solution was increased communication, efficiency, and productivity across the hospital campus. Previously, if the hospital planned an event, there was no simple way to share it with all users. Now an internal user can share events and manage their own key meetings through the SharePoint calendar system. Important documents and images can be shared more easily, and a periodic newsletter can be added to the site to present announcements, news, and research discoveries. All of these features can be used by regular users without the assistance of an IT department. AllianceTek’s solution effectively reduced the hospital’s IT expenses as a result.

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