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Mobile field force sales application

AllianceTek’s client is a large e-commerce company that serves e-commerce businesses by connecting online retailers, suppliers, and consumers with a suite of tools to assist with inventory management, marketing, and supplier integration. They offer a range of end-to-end solutions for retail storeowners, suppliers, brand managers, and developers using application development, mobile technologies, and social media.


One of the company’s clients, a jewelry manufacturer, required a feature-rich mobile application that would allow their sales team to display product catalogues and take orders from retailers quickly and easily. Currently, sales people have to manage product updates, rates, orders, and histories manually by visiting different retailers and customers. They wanted to streamline the sales process by developing a new mobile application that would enable the sales team to upload and download all necessary information during a single visit. The new mobile application would need to run on the iPad and had to simplify the user experience.

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The client sought the assistance of AllianceTek, a mobile software solutions company with experience in developing end-to-end business tools for mobile platforms. AllianceTek evaluated the needs of the company’s jewelry manufacturing client and designed a comprehensive iPad application with enhanced features, including a complete product catalogue, online purchasing, order histories and an intuitive design for mobile users. Users can login to upload and download orders and product details, as well as view price variants that are synchronized with real-time data. The solution would integrate with Web Services to retrieve data from the client’s existing systems and deliver it to mobile users.


The solution was designed to provide information about jewelry products, orders, order histories and real-time prices through a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate catalogue. The application contains additional features that allow customers to view demos and presentation videos, search through categories of products, and place orders. The solution improved usability with independent and secure single-tap solutions that allow users to add or remove products from their digital shopping cart and access product information and order histories.


Through their channel partnership, AllianceTek and its client transformed the jewelry manufacturer’s sales team. The comprehensive iPad application enhances the buying process and improves the administrative features for users on mobile devices. This improved accessibility and usability allows the sales team to easily manage product details, price variants and take orders from retailers from any location.

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