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Credit Union Collaboration Platform

CU ByDesign provides collaboration tools, back-office and consulting services to credit unions. They connect credit unions with partners that provide a bundle of services such as training, human resources, management consulting and more to the industry.


As CU ByDesign grew, uniting their burgeoning network of business partners with the expanding number of service providers became an increasingly difficult task. They needed a secure network where credit unions, CU ByDesign members and vendors could come together to collaborate, learn and connect with available services.

The AllianceTek team are the very best I've ever worked with. I absolutely recommend them. They are very professional and can totally understand the client's idea. They are also very flexible. After years of working with different developers I can honestly they are the best!! Thank you so much!

- Natalie Eliscovich
Control GE
Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina


CU ByDesign partnered with AllianceTek to create a tailored SharePoint solution that enables communications, collaboration, and content management. It increases productivity by putting information at employees’ fingertips when they need it.

To create this solution, CU ByDesign needed a company that asks the right questions, understands the capabilities of SharePoint, and has the experience and foresight to ensure that the system’s architecture is designed to accommodate growth and changing needs. This was important, because if CU ByDesign wanted to increase functionality later, they could do so without tearing down the system’s foundation.

AllianceTek also offered the advantage of leveraging a global development team to create high-powered, high-quality SharePoint solutions in a timely, cost effective manner.

AllianceTek built a comprehensive made-to-order SharePoint communication platform that unites credit unions, vendors and CU ByDesign members. It enables employees, vendors and credit unions to:

  • Self register.
  • Manage, track and search electronic documents in a master document library
  • Review vendors
  • Find high quality resources
  • Post ideas for improvements to the website
  • Collaborate and work interactively


AllianceTek worked with CU ByDesign to incorporate a series of steps, or workflows, into the system. This ensured, for example, that administrators in charge of approving new-user registrations and content that’s posted receive alerts so they can process authorizations efficiently.

After a credit union associate registers in the system and is approved by a CU ByDesign administrator, they can upload documents to the master document library. All registered credit-union associates can search and find documents posted by others, and receive alerts regarding document changes.

Similar to Craigslist, credit union associates can post classified ads to buy or sell products and services to other companies.

Vendors may provide key company information and a description of products and services. Just like on Angie’s List, a credit union associate can review and rate registered vendors. Afterwards, CU ByDesign receives a review alert and approves it before it’s officially posted. The vendor also receives a notice when reviews about their company are posted so they can remain aware of client feedback and respond accordingly.

To make the exchange of products and services between collaboration-tool users even easier, AllianceTek also developed CU Match, which works like a dating system for companies. For example, if a credit union needs help with human resources, CU Match can provide a list of available human resource experts from other Credit Unions whose background and experience match the credit union’s needs.

Users can submit ideas for site improvements and collaborate, communicate and share information quickly and easily.


The secure, enhanced collaboration platform allows easy access to registered users across the web. It connects high-quality resources within the credit union industry, enabling them to collaborate and work together easily and efficiently.

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