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PHP Web Development & LAMP Development Services

AllianceTek’s team of experienced developers has extensive knowledge and insight in delivering robust, dynamic, and scalable business applications by providing custom PHP development services and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) development services.

Get a competitive edge with our PHP web development and application development services.

AllianceTek’s PHP Consulting Services

AllianceTek’s PHP consulting services work for a wide range of businesses, helping them select, develop, and implement the right technology to meet their business needs.

Our collaborative PHP consulting services ensure that we consider and analyze all of our clients’ requirements to provide the right combination of technologies, define a business-specific solution, and create a detailed roadmap for delivering custom PHP development services.

AllianceTek’s dedicated team of PHP developers are experienced with various PHP platforms and frameworks. As the technology landscape is always changing, we keep ourselves at the leading edge and upgrade our capabilities with every new release on the market to deliver the most effective PHP customization services.

If custom PHP development is the optimum choice to meet your project requirements, our PHP developers will further guide you in selecting the right platform or framework for a cost-efficient, high-quality solution.

What an awesome experience I had working with this team. If you need a professional, reliable and competent team to help you out with any of your tech needs you don't need to look any further. From start to finish this team really made the process easy and did a fantastic job. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

- Payam Pakmanesh (CEO)
Cable Car Apps LLC
Hercules, CA

Application User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design

An application must be user-friendly to make the most of its features. As part of our PHP development services, AllianceTek’s experienced UI designers create intuitive design and navigation interfaces for your application and software.

Our responsive designs ensure a user-friendly website that will make users want to return. AllianceTek’s PHP developers and UI/UX designers work together to develop a prototype based on your requirements. After incorporating your feedback and passing the prototype through our quality assurance process, we prepare a final design that meets requirements and provides an optimum user experience.

Application Development Services

AllianceTek’s dedicated PHP web application development team designs, builds, and deploys solutions that meet the specific requirements unique to your business. Our hands-on experience providing PHP web development services includes work with platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Moodle, Joomla, Drupal and OSCommerce, and frameworks such as Code Igniter, Symfony, Kohana, Yii, Smarty and Zend, which ensure innovative, cost-efficient, and high-quality solutions.

Our PHP software development team stays current with the latest PHP trends, platforms, and frameworks, and considers all of your requirements to offer the solution best-suited for your business.

Hire a PHP Team

Hire PHP developers that follow industry standards and proven practices to build rich, scalable, and robust PHP applications. Hire Our Dedicated PHP Developers Team and get access to our expert consultation services for effective solutions that ensure high returns on your investment. Our PHP software developers also have the necessary experience and skills to build back-end PHP mobile apps.

Product Development

AllianceTek’s PHP product development team converts your ideas into effective solutions by analyzing your requirements and creating a development roadmap.

Our agile methodology and iterative development cycle provides clients with regular updates, and we actively listen to their feedback to ensure the final product meets all specific business requirements. Overall, our PHP product development services are geared towards creating a working solution that fulfills your business needs.

Our team works directly with you to form analysis, scoping, and development through deployment plans until the product is ready for launch. Our team’s PHP customization services include full-scale development, design, development, testing, and deployment services.

Architecture Design Services

Planning architecture is the first step toward successful PHP web application development services.

An intelligent architectural design ensures decreased development cost and delivery time while maintaining high quality production standards. With a well-planned architecture, we aim to provide applications with a secure environment, quick performance, and potential for the implementation of additional services and upgrades. Our team can also build applications with future PHP application integration in mind.

This methodology ensures that AllianceTek will provide you with a solution that meets high-quality standards at a reduced cost

Application Testing

Our thorough approach to PHP application development employs multi-dimensional and micro-level quality assurance models. We perform automated and manual quality assurance tests to analyze the system’s design, concept, functionality, regression, integration, user acceptance, scalability, performance, and security.

Application Integration

Many businesses use different systems to handle disparate business operations, resulting in lengthy process time and unnecessary costs. AllianceTek helps businesses discover the most effective tools by incorporating and integrating business processes into a unified PHP system. Our PHP application integration services can help you customize and expand your system using PHP to add new modules and features that reduces costs and save time.

Application Migration

Businesses must upgrade their existing systems to keep current with changing technology trends. AllianceTek’s team of professional PHP web development experts has the skills and knowledge to successfully migrate your system using the right technology for your business.

We completely re-engineer and restructure your business processes to enable a smooth, cost-efficient transition. Our PHP development team ensures you get the maximum ROI from your application migration to PHP and acquire the full suite of benefits from it, including:

  • Reduced IT complexity
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased security
  • Scalability
  • High-speed performance

Implementation & Deployment

AllianceTek’s PHP web developers have experience in seamlessly deploying applications to any server using cost-effective, secure hosting services with maximum uptime.


AllianceTek provides training materials and offers training sessions following system development to ensure your team members are well-acquainted with and can navigate the system, guaranteeing a hassle-free and user-friendly experience.

Application Support and Maintenance

AllianceTek’s PHP development services ensure your web and software applications stay up-to-date and useful for your business and customers for a long time.

With ongoing support and maintenance, we will ensure you receive timely and ongoing PHP web development that reflects the most current changes and trends.

Our PHP developers respond immediately to your questions and take quick action within 24 hours to address your issues and provide comprehensive feedback.

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