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Emergency Healthcare Platform


Emergency Healthcare Platform

A client working in the emergency healthcare department was looking for a more convenient and deployed method to prevent untimely deaths and emergency medical situations. The client wanted an online platform where patients could search for laboratories and book appointments with doctors.



The Project

The client was looking for a unified online platform where patients could easily find local CLIA-accredited labs, schedule lab tests, and make appointments with healthcare physicians, all from the comfort of home. They wanted an all-in-one platform with a pre-hospital environment, where they could guide emergency medical technicians and treat patients in a timely manner to minimize the risk of permanent damage or death.


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    Challenge One

    The client wanted an integration that could give them access to a network of thousands of CLIA-certified laboratories and allow patients to find the labs near their location, make a test order and access the report or test data online.


    The expert team of AllianceTek worked on a multi-facility online platform with LabCorp & Quest Integration for patients and doctors where patients could search for nearby CLIA-certified laboratories, schedule appointments and book lab tests, all from the comfort of their homes.

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    Challenge Two

    The client wanted a feature where the healthcare providers could maintain patients' data and the patients could book their appointments.


    The team of AllianceTek integrated • KAREO EMR Integration for the patients to book doctor’s appointments and manage their data seamlessly. On the other hand, the doctor had the ability to view and manage patients’ profiles and reports, manage prices and consultation packages, and handle all of the sub-tasks involved with the appointments and tests.

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    Challenge Three

    The client wanted a multi-faceted payment getaway where everyone had various options to pay from.


    The team of AllianceTek integrated the authorized.net payment gateway to accept payment with various payment methods and verified cards and payments.

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    Challenge Four

    The client wanted to keep the patient’s information private and they wanted to implement the same kind of security accessible to everyone.


    We implemented HIPAA compliance & regulations to protect and secure the Health Information of patients as prescribed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and implemented the following under the act:

    • Encrypted patient's sensitive data

    • Secured data storage

    • RSA for secure data transmission

    • Multi-level data security

    • 256-bit AES security

Features of Emergency Healthcare Platform

    • The team of AllianceTek built a platform comprising thousands of reliable CLIA-certified practitioners for the client to better serve their patients.

    • Divided the platform into two parts: Patient Portal and Admin (Sub-admin/Doctors)

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    The Patient Portal provided features such as:

    • Patient registration with their basic & condition related details

    • Various test packages & lab test booking

    • Lab test report & results

    • Consultation packages & online payment options

    • Current and previous lab booking appointment

    • Location and details of the labs

    • Requisition receipt along with QR code

    • Link test report with the consultation

    • List of appointments made so far

    • Booking approval, report and consulting notification

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    On the other hand, the admins portal provided features such as:

    • Management of patient’s profile and reports

    • Appointment management such as approval, decline, rescheduling

    • View all transaction & refunds records

    • Management of pricing & packages for lab test and consultation packages

    • Create a new appointment for a patient

    • Manage admin, sub-admin roles and also website content

    • Provided multiple safeguards to ensure continued compliance with HIPAA standards.

    • Integrated Net Payment Gateway

    • KAREO Patient Record Management and Scheduling via Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Integration.

    • Create and control various consultation and lab appointment packages

What value did AllianceTek provide?

    • The AllianceTek team implemented various modules to design the complete solution, including the Admin portal, Patient Portal, and 3rd party APIs integration.

    • We reduced the amount of manual paperwork and provided a platform for the efficient administration of patient medical records.

    • We created an online booking platform that allowed the client to interact with more patients and better manage their information, both of which ultimately resulted in increased revenue.

    • To accomplish our goal, we designed a framework that combines many levels of technology.

    • Integration of decentralized database on platform for traffic scalability.

    • We created a simple user interface that everyone could use.

    • We improved clinical productivity and communication between doctors and patients.

How did we manage large-scale projects from idea to completion?

We used the agile method and gave incremental updates to the client to achieve desired features as per agreed deadlines.


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