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Mobile Integrated SharePoint Project Management Portal


The Project

Project Management System developed from SharePoint Solution for telecommunications company to extend to mobile devices for on-site technicians and increase overall usability and simplicity.

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Why AllianceTek?

Since the client has expanded in recent years, they wanted a more articulate platform on a large scale; a system that could handle anything from bookkeeping and managing job field tickets to tracking all the purchasing orders and employee management. They wanted an automated workflow process for their operations in order to minimize manual labour as much as possible. The client has worked with AllianceTek before so they moved forward with the project without a doubt.

Benefits to

Our Client

  • The client could resolve work management issues with this mobile integration solution to enable seamless communication with the team.

  • With this application, technicians found it easy to report the images of the problem site even when they are on field.

  • The application also facilitated technicians to make on-the-spot updates to the project management system.

  • Enabled effective segregation of information as desired with custom reporting and search filtering facilities.

  • Simplified project management and task assignment with scheduling and task features.

  • Project Management System decreased gaps and delays in work.

  • Re-usable elements were integrated in the solution that decreased costs with faster development.

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