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About Client

The Client

Basically, the project is about a USA based educational institution that offers multiple courses, programs, and degrees for graduate and undergraduate students. The university offers shuttle service transport to students at authorized drop-off and pick-up locations on each campus. Since the shuttle service application demands constant support and maintenance, the client wanted to revamp the existing app and automate the majority of the daily task for easy maintenance.

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The Project

A USA-based client approached AllianceTek to update their WordPress-based shuttle booking application developed for ages. The main aim of the client was to re-write the entire application into a new and latest tech stack since the app demands constant resources and maintenance. It will not only future-proof the entire application but will also automate the majority of their task for easy, seamless usage and maintenance.

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Elaborate analysis of the issues we encounter

Challenges & Solutions

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • Challenge One

    • Managing date & slot-specific availability.

    • Real-time Notification for shuttle slot reminder

    • SSO integration.

    • Power BI Reports


    AllianceTek worked with a reputed USA based university to update their WordPress-based shuttle booking application in 2015. Rather than continue spending time and resources to maintain and use the system as it ages, the opportunity is being taken to re-write the application using the .NET technology stack to future proof the application and automate much of the daily maintenance.

    • AllianceTek developed the customized Shuttle Booking web application which is easy to maintain, easy to use by any user.

    • The development team at AllianceTek demonstrated its capabilities by rewriting aka revamping their entire WordPress-based shuttle booking application with .Net technology to automate the entire task in a seamless way.

    • The company developed a .Net-based application to auto-synchronize and automate the booking requests in such a way that fewer resources and time is utilized for application maintenance.

    • The application developed leverages peak performance and is user-friendly to use and interact with.

    • Our development team made sure to integrate some key specific features including customized Email templates, alerts, maintain booking specific services, slots, etc. which they can manage themselves over the admin panel.

    • An additional broadcast functionality was added to broadcast specific messages to every user.

About Features

Online Shuttle Booking App


  • The development team at AllianceTek demonstrated its capabilities by revamping the entire shuttle booking application with .Net technology to automate the entire task in a seamless way.

  • The app allows users to view shuttle availability, booking, and rescheduling

  • The users can manage their profile, view booking history, view announcements, and more.

  • Notifications are sent to users for booking reminders.

  • Status-wise appointment filtration.

  • Manage shuttle service and campus.

  • Manage email templates and review shuttle usage as per allocated time slots.

Unique Value Proposition

What Value did AllianceTek Add to this Project?

    • The solution proposed by AllianceTek helped the client to reduce manual efforts to a great extent.

    • An updated application with a central point to manage and process the bookings and their confirmation in an automated way.

    • A full-fledged automated solution delivering peak performance and interactive user interface.


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