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The Client

The client, who works in the education sector, wanted an e-learning platform that would connect students and teachers from all across the globe and create a centralized educational hub. The client wanted a online education platform where students could schedule their online courses with the finest tutors available, examine the homework that they have been assigned by their tutors, see their results and achievement badges depending on how well they do, and book their classes using the platform.



The Project

The project was innovative, with the client looking for it to make it as convenient for both teachers and students as possible. They wanted a platform where tutors could see booking requests from students, handle requests for one-on-one lessons, give homework, check their students' success badges, and evaluate their students' performances. Since the client had seen the past projects of AllianceTek from Clutch.co, they were confident to continue with the project.


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Challenges & Solutions

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First Challenge

Challenge One

The client wanted to incorporate a payment gateway that could allow users to make and receive payments using a variety of payment methods, including verified cards and money transfers.


Challenge One


The expert team of AllianceTek understood the assignment and create an intuitive and easy-to-use platform with multiple payment gateways. The students could pay once the teacher accepted their one-on-one tutoring requests. The diverse payment methods also allowed subscribed students to view all the available practices that the system provided. Moreover, they could see their subscription plans on the platform. We also integrated a payment payout system for the tutor.


Second Challenge

Challenge Two

The client wanted a portal where both tutors and students could have a one-on-one request with the tutor.


Challenge Two


The team of AllianceTek integrated a feature on the platform that allowed the students to reach out to the tutors based on their preferences or their subject/topic/curriculum and book 1:1 requests with the tutors. This also allowed the tutors to accept or deny the request given by the students.


Third Challenge

Challenge Three

The client wanted to create a calendar that displayed the most recent information and schedule while taking into account the user's local time zone.


Challenge three


The team of AllianceTek integrated a calendar that allowed the students to check their timetables, as well as the due dates for their practice papers and homework assignments. The students were also able to synchronize the events on their calendars with those on Google Calendar.


Fourth Challenge

Challenge Four

The client was looking to integrate campaign analytics to acquire insights into user behaviour, which presented the data according to the user's inquiries and history. They also wanted to perform live classrooms with the assistance of cloud technologies and a strong connection that could handle the communication between users.


Challenge Four


The platform created by AllianceTek provided all that was asked by the client and more. In order to create the complete solution, the AllianceTek team first established a number of different components. It included integration with third-party APIs, a centralized dashboard for managing all aspects of the service, a user-friendly interface, and a dedicated site for students and teachers.

We designed an architecture that fulfilled the criteria by using a number of different technology stacks. Teachers could give performance badges to students based on their performance. Both students and tutors have the ability to communicate with one another, and students also had the option to label tutors as favourites or unfavorites.


Features of ERP Solutions

It was an innovative platform for both teachers and students that:

    • Allowed users to register through the platform itself or social media

    • Allowed the tutors to accept or decline a student’s request

    • Integrated calendar that allowed the students to check their schedules, home works and practice paper deadlines

    • Even motivated students by giving them achievement badges based on their performance.

    • Allowed the students to invite others through referral code

    • Detected any suspicious activity on the website

    • Displayed statistics and metrics to check the functionality and usability and identify any errors

    • Allowed the students to search the tutors according to subject/topic/curriculum and book 1:1 requests with the tutors

    • Immediate booking within 3 hours

    • Provided the ability to search and watch pre-lessons or live lessons

    • Integrated a chat feature that allowed students and tutors to chat with each other and also even label the tutors as favourite/unfavorite

    • Allowed the teachers to assign homework and assignments with the help of various tools

What Value Did AllianceTek Provide To This Project?

    • We made the platform globally accessible so that students and tutors across the globe could connect with each other.

    • We introduced different modules to make the platform more accessible and organized, which included the Admin portal, Students Portal and Tutor Portal Integration with 3rd party APIs. etc.

    • We created a fresh, easy-to-use UI that was very intuitive and engaging for the nature of the project.

    • As a reliable solution provider, AllianceTek identified strategies to reduce the impact of technical risks and limitations on the whole project so that it could be completed on schedule.

    • We used scalable and high-performance architecture and backend using cutting-edge technologies.


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