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About Client

The Client

A client who works in the construction business wanted a completely new platform that had a streamlined and contemporary architecture and offered users the best possible experience. They needed a new module that could integrate with the ERP systems they already had so that it would be easier to access data and other information.


The Project

A customer in the construction sector approached AllianceTek with the request that we develop a buffer-free and simple-to-use material inventory module. In order to manage and maintain tabs on the growing number of users, they wanted a system that was both scalable and future-proof and had a modern architectural design.

  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
  • Large Network Access Large Network Access
  • Automatic System Automatic System
  • Economical Economical
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Challenges & Solutions

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  • To create a new scalable structure

    The biggest challenge for the client was to simplify the interconnection of the material module with other modules of the ERP such as jobs, departments, productions and users. They wanted a new DB structure that supports scalability and a large amount of data in an efficient manner. The client was also looking for a compatible module that can work with other existing modules to communicate.


    The team of AllianceTek built a completely new material tracker from scratch. The newly built tracker had a scalable UI/UX, DB architecture that had the ability to work with other existing modules of the system without buffering or any other issues.

    We also created a plan to import existing data into the new tracker that allowed the users to work with their existing data without any interruption.

  • Manage Large Amount of Data at Once

    The client was already using a custom ERP that was built with the use of PHP/MySQL to manage different verticals such as employee materials and tools on various job sites. However, with the increasing number of users, the ERP was not scalable enough to manage all that data. The material module took around 15 minutes to load all the data. Besides, there was a lack of good architecture.


    AllianceTek proposed a material inventory module in a custom-made ERP used by the construction company. This solution created by the professional team of AllianceTek facilitated the users to purchase orders and allowed them to track the items on different job sites when received from suppliers.

About Features



  • The new material tracker module was completely made from the ground up using technology stock like React.js and Node.js which allowed them to establish the database architecture and make it scalable so that it could deal with a large amount of data.

  • The team of AllianceTek integrated the new material module with the older modules in order to create a multi-channel platform that could retrieve data such as users, jobs and departments to make it more efficient.

  • The new module came with the feature of importing pre-existing data so that users may continue their activities in the new system using their pre-existing data and continue working without any hindrance.

  • When compared to the original time it took to load a page, which was ten minutes, the client got a totally new and improved version of a module known as Superfast Material Tracker. This version had actual data and could load the page in only twelve seconds.

  • As a result of the improvements it brought to the user experience, people enjoyed using the new module more.

What Value Did AllianceTek Provide To This Project?

    • The team of AllianceTek worked their way from the very bottom while developing the module. It consisted of various end-to-end solutions and user support such as API development, UI/UX design and development, database architecture, React front-end development, and PHP backend development.

    • AllianceTek proposed to the client a solution that, while being compatible with the system they already had, would still deliver an improved user experience and higher performance.

    • We assisted the customer in setting up their account on Amazon in addition to all other necessary AWS services.

    • We helped the client upload everything to their server.


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