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go-eView, the advanced-level photo/data collection and reporting platform from the French Company, quickly manages, sorts and filters on-site information for multi-site retail, restaurant and property management clients including Kroger, Staples and Pandora. French Company turned to AllianceTek for a new enterprise solutions program to provide go-eView clients with more efficient and intuitive data collection, surveying and reporting tools.

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French Company, which also offers a subscription SaaS service on the go-eView platform, was looking for a customized program to improve overall workflow and better integrate geo-location-based data collection and mapping features. AllianceTek’s enterprise engineering experts began with a thorough consultation before moving on to POCs and wireframes to validate the real-world feasibility of the recommended technology. Next, they worked diligently to create a solution from scratch, within the .NET framework, then helped deploy the new program in the cloud.

  • The go-eView platform now provides virtual-tour and 360-degree photo viewer tools to enhance the viewing experience. Users can also easily geotag and annotate photos.
  • Geo-location and mapping capabilities include map layouts with representations of completed surveys.
  • Users can create an unlimited number of surveys to collect information from any location; they can also collect survey data offline, and share data externally.
  • Users can also take advantage of survey automation capabilities and save time with new mobile forms.
  • Utilizing their Microsoft Azure expertise the AllianceTek team created and implemented on-demand cloud architecture, allowing users to enjoy unlimited data and media storage.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android are providing users with on-the-go convenience and robust functionality.
  • For a perfectly scalable solution, the software will automatically grow as the number of users grows.

The AllianceTek team are the very best I've ever worked with. I absolutely recommend them. They are very professional and can totally understand the client's idea. They are also very flexible. After years of working with different developers I can honestly they are the best!! Thank you so much!

- Natalie Eliscovich
Control GE
Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina


  • French Company now enjoys a uniquely-versatile and highly-scalable SaaS application that can be used across multiple industries, providing their clients with better opportunities to boost revenue.
  • With their new, proprietary applications French Company is now less dependent on third-party apps, producing immediate cost savings and improving ROI.
  • go-eView users now have easier access to the critical field data they need to make better fact-based decisions about the operations they manage.

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This custom enterprise solution, for ASP.Net web applications and iOS/Android mobile apps, is ideal in a wide variety of settings including retail, restaurants, construction, real estate and property management.

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