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Virtual Advisor is a developer of eLearning content used by the financial, healthcare, and educational industries to educate about various processes, services, and products. Through eLearning, education is more accessible and distributable to a wide audience speaking different languages in different parts of the world.


Virtual Advisor had the innovative content and concepts for the interactive features of an eLearning platform, but lacked the technical skill to develop such a platform. With a strong belief in the power of knowledge and the benefits of eLearning, Virtual Advisor sought a partner with a technology solutions background that would be able to develop an interactive Flash teaching tool for a large financial organization. Additionally, the solution would have to be accessible to a global audience.

Great work! Excellent! The calculators both look great and do the calculations as needed. I have tested the calculators and they both work as they should.

- Steve Turner (President)
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Hearing of AllianceTek's reputation for working closely with clients to discover and develop end – to end IT solutions, Virtual Advisor sought out the AllianceTek team to help create their eLearning platform. AllianceTek listened closely to what Virtual Advisor wanted to achieve with their platform and how it would be used to educate financial institutions in workshops. Usability was a high priority in the design for this reason, AllianceTek created an interactive menu bar that allows users to easily navigate to any part of the tutorial, pause, and manage sound options. Users can easily upload and download forms and worksheets and access a glossary of terms.


AllianceTek's solution manifested as a robust flash-based presentation platform with interactive tutorials for entrepreneurs. The platform was created using Flash, HTML, and XML technologies that included interactive features, multilingual workshops and multi-user communication systems and the use of multimedia tools, such as images, video, sound, and interactive features, made the platform a highly effective learning tool.


As a result, business lessons were developed for the eLearning platform with enhanced features like multiple language support i.e. English and Spanish, voice synchronization for flash, podcasts, quizzes, graphical interactive forums, news and announcement. The eLearning presentations contained many interactive elements but remained easy for the end user to manipulate. Virtual Advisor's clients found the platform very helpful in educating their staff on a variety of important subjects. With the first iteration of the platform a success, Virtual Advisors went on to use AllianceTek's eLearning platform in the healthcare industry.

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