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RAMMP Mobility, Inc. is a wireless technologies company that manages the wireless needs of Fortune 500 companies through a single point of contact. Although a small company, they use a unique model that allows them to accommodate large enterprise clients with service or support requests, mobile integration, reporting, administration, and billing from a single central location.


RAMMP handles the billing and administrative requirements for more than 10,000 phone lines. Accommodating so many data structures and models with different carriers caused several flow interruptions and glitches in their current system. RAMMP needed an end-to-end solution that could be properly implemented across the organization – one that provides uniform data structures and branding for each company.

Very responsive, delivered what was asked of them. Great communication. I am happy that I picked AllianceTek! They produce.

- Jason Corbin (Co-Founder)
strApp in Apps, LLC
New York, NY


AllianceTek has a reputation for helping design, develop, and deploy optimal solutions to empower decision-making and management for their employees. RAMMP sought our assistance to provide an end-to-end solution that would improve performance, accessibility, usability, and security – from scoping to requirement defining, application development, maintenance, support, and hosting services. Employing a systematic, efficient approach and using a hybrid development model that fosters high value and frequent communication, AllianceTek developed a comprehensive web-based solution. RAMMP's clients, administrators, and customers can log onto a web portal to manage products, rate plans, support tickets, and buy products, accessories, and various services.


AllianceTek's comprehensive web-based solution added new features, including the ability to edit user roles and rights, customer care, inventory management, and dashboards for customers, clients, and administrators. Through this portal, RAMMP is better able to communicate with their clients to deliver services, such as changing existing plans, adjusting payment plans, addressing support tickets, and facilitating the billing process. Since RAMMP’s clients use different carriers, the web portal provides branding for each carrier company with unique designs and styles. It also addresses previous issues regarding different data formats and structures by creating a uniform data structure and interface.


With AllianceTek’s solution, RAMMP is able to improve customer satisfaction with enhanced sales and reduced management overhead. The solution fully integrates with RAMMP’s existing systems and offers a complete shopping cart experience, billing management, ticketing management, and helpdesk support management, even when clients are not using the same carrier. RAMMP is achieving a higher return on investment, because their new system aligns their people and processes, connects them to their customer base, and improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations.

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