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A Leading Brokerage Services Company

AllianceTek’s client, an industry leading national annuity, life insurance and life settlement brokerage firm, has earned its reputation as a clear leader in the competitive brokerage marketplace. Since 1997, they’ve utilized cutting edge resources and sales insights to assist independent insurance agents and financial planners with their dynamic annuity, life insurance, and life settlement consultation services.


As their scope rapidly expanded, the company lacked the technical resources needed to manage their growing list of clients and to track, maintain, and cultivate these business relationships. They required a new system that would assist with their marketing activities and allow them to easily follow up with clients on a daily basis. The solution they needed was one that could fully integrate with their existing systems and automatically update, track, and maintain their clients’ data with preset alerts to enhance their customer service and achieve complete customer satisfaction for their growing number of clients.

This is the best company I've ever worked with for design, turnaround, and attention to requirements.

- Brad Hinely (CTO)
Wilmington, NC


In order to meet these emerging business challenges, the company turned to AllianceTek, an IT solutions company with a reputation for developing technology solutions that improve business processes and operations. AllianceTek worked closely with the client to fully understand the problems they faced.

AllianceTek determined the solution they needed was a complete, fully integrated CRM system with enhanced marketing widgets. The system simplifies customer relationship management and seamlessly connects with the client’s current business process and methodology. This CRM solution includes enhanced features such as user management, client profiles, a dashboard, automated email capabilities, marketing tools, and complete BI and reporting to provide breakdowns of assets, associated risks, charts, client investment data, and feedback that allows them to achieve improve their customer relationships and increase satisfaction.


AllianceTek developed this customized customer relationship management tool using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET and Ajax with SQL Server 2005. The solution allows the client to add, edit, and delete searchable client profiles. Through the easy-to-read dashboard, the client can manage and maintain records of their email marketing, qualified investments, maturity savings, planning concerns, and home mortgages. The client’s primary concern was the implementation of a user-friendly interface, and AllianceTek listened closely to the individual staff needs to exceed this expectation and deliver an intuitive, easy-to-use system that increases efficiency and ensures reliable communication and precise analysis of available information.


AllianceTek’s client was able to achieve the Business Intelligence necessary to make more cost effective decisions regarding their client relationships. With a simplified marketing and sales process, the front office staff is able to perform sales, service, and marketing tasks more efficiently with less redundancy and waste. With AllianceTek’s fully integrated CRM solution, the client gained a demonstrable positive return on their investment and found their business processes and customer relationships quickly improved.

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