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How Any Business Can Benefit from the Right Mobile Strategy

A year ago today, only 12% of small businesses and 21% of medium businesses employed a mobile strategy. Today, that number has grown tremendously and nearly 50% of SMBs plan to create a mobile website by the end of the year.

While many businesses have embraced mobilization, there are still many hesitant companies that are asking, “What can mobile do for me?” With a technology as robust and prevalent as the exponentially growing mobile industry, it can be hard to identify tangible business benefits from mobilizing. All businesses are different, and it may seem that while mobilization can result in a positive return on investment at one company, it may not be right for your business.

Although all businesses are unique, facing different sets of challenges in their own distinct environments, all of them can find some way to take advantage of mobilization to realize cost and time saving benefits. No business is too big or too small to embrace some kind of mobile solution. The difficulty is simply envisioning the appropriate mobile strategy and understanding how to apply it to their business model.

Here are several mobile strategies that to review when considering a mobile solution.

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1. Connecting with Consumers

The proliferation of mobile devices presents a unique opportunity to connect with customers like never before. Mobile apps can showcase products and services, or be used to educate, promote, and ultimately sell more to consumers. A solid mobile marketing strategy can get your customers interacting and connected to your business anytime and anywhere. Businesses can reach out to users at any location, even in countries where Internet access is scarce but mobile devices are common. Companies can build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and create apps that get people talking about them. The right app can maintain a relationship with customers by updating them on upcoming events and broadcasting what’s new and exciting in your market.

2. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

A mobile solution does not just have to be another way to market to customers – it can also increase customer satisfaction. Some businesses use mobilization to enhance their overall customer relations management strategy, developing an efficient system to easily respond to queries and complaints and provide immediate feedback to customers and prospects on the go. E-commerce businesses with mobile apps give their customers a convenient way to compare prices and receive quotes instantly. Some businesses even take advantage of mobile features, such as touchscreen and GPS, to help guide customers to their locations.

3. Empowering Your Employees

A mobile solution does not necessarily have to be customer-focused. A mobile strategy can also transform a business internally, creating faster, more efficient processes. Mobilization allows employees to have instant access to tools and information they need to stay on task, on time, and on budget. With mobile devices, employees can remain in constant contact with each other and project teams can collaborate even if spread all over the globe. Mobility enhances content management systems, allowing users to access and manage content and perform business transactions on the fly. All of these things essentially speed up and smooth out how a business operates, saving time and money.

4. Building Relationships with Vendors

Some businesses are entirely dependent on their vendors and require responsive communications with their suppliers. Mobile devices can keep businesses in touch with key suppliers and vendors anytime and anywhere and provide immediate access to vendor updates on products and services. Having essential information at their fingertips improves the way these businesses operate.

These are just a few examples of the mobile strategies can be applied to various businesses to gain a positive return on a mobile technology investment. The challenge is realizing which one is right for your business. To assist with this endeavor, businesses should rely on a trusted mobile solutions consultant who not only understands mobile technologies, but also focuses on understanding your unique business and industry environment.

Check out this example of how a business was transformed with a mobile solution implemented by the right technology partner :

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