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Mobile technology has changed the way customers interact with business. From banking to retail to entertainment, mobile solutions have moved the web from the desktop to smartphones, enabling companies to collaborate and sell. Mobile application solutions generate more business and increase revenue.

AllianceTek simplifies Mobile App Development by following these process steps:

AllianceTek’s Expertise on Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

AllianceTek’s team of expert mobile application solution developers have experience developing native and cross-platform applications, including iOS and Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and cross-platform app development.

We have experience working with various mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Blackberry, Windows phones, iPads, and tablets.

AllianceTek’s Hybrid Mobile Application Development Services include all platforms and technologies:

  • Native platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone
  • Cross-platform frameworks – PhoneGap, Titanium
  • Mobile tools and techniques that use device and platform-specific features – Bluetooth, SIP, VOIP, Picture Gallery for Camera, Push Notifications, hardware integration, GPS, media controls and video-audio streaming, in-app purchase for payment gateway integration, social media integration, game tool kits, printing, and messaging.

AllianceTek Native Mobile Application Development Services cross the entire industry spectrum.

I needed to create an iOS app for my website and chose AllianceTek because their proposal was one of the lowest and they seemed a strong company. I was right! They created a schedule of the work based on weekly updates for which they were always on time. They were very quick to understand my requests and quick to implement them in the app. Overall I was extremely pleased by the resulting app and I am extremely satisfied by the work done by AllianceTek.

- Fabio Veronesi
Zurich, Switzerland
  • GPS

    AllianceTek has experience building location-based tracking mobile devices and has developed solutions in these domains:

    • A fleet management solution with real-time vehicle tracking, detailed trip history, and more
    • A location-based emergency service finder to locate fire stations, police precincts, and nearby hospitals
    • A red light camera location finder to avoid automated traffic citations
    • A location finder that helps users locate gasoline stations
  • Communication

    AllianceTek’s innovative, rich mobile app communication solutions offer a cost-effective and easy way to communicate:

    • A VOIP/SIP calling solution that makes calls, sends emails, has conference calling, Bluetooth chatting, and uses SMS. It establishes VOIP/SIP sessions and enables calls over IP at lower rates.
    • AllianceTek created a unique product for mobile messaging that offers communication through various modes – text, voice, image, or video. Those who don’t have this app will also receive a message via email.
  • CRM

    AllianceTek develops CRM solutions that can mobilize your sales force.

    Our mobile application solutions enable sales executives to access product catalogues, update sales reports and manage orders right from their mobile devices (even without Internet connectivity), set meeting reminders, plan visits by viewing all visits on the map, take feedback, and manage product sample giveaways.

    Let our experts mobilize your sales force to perform their activities from their mobile solution devices.

  • Internet of Things

    AllianceTek’s hardware interfacing solutions enable hardware interactions, such as a system that locks/unlocks doors by using Bluetooth integration.

  • E-Learning

    Our e-learning solutions give you the power to utilize what AllianceTek calls the E5s, educate, communicate, collaborate, evaluate, and manage.

    We have built e-learning business platforms for healthcare, finance, and educational institutes, with robust features that include surveys, reports, progress tracking, examinations, score cards, ask-an-expert, online attendance, classroom management, registration, and fees management.

    AllianceTek’s online study group feature enables users to register, resolve queries, discuss assignments, and rate the comments of others.

  • Security

    Security is the biggest challenge faced by online and mobile users.

    Our mobile security app solutions prevent intrusions and reduce security threats, using data encryption, user rights management, licensing features, and authentication-based access to data when data are reviewed or modified.

    AllianceTek has developed a secure keyboard solution which involved designing and developing a keyboard SDK that securely transferred data by encryption/decryption. The solution included the generation of an OTP (one-time password), user rights management, anti-key logging, keystroke encryption, and a licensing feature.

  • Retail

    AllianceTek helps you mobilize your sales force and sales activities and improve your customer’s retail experience by optimizing store operations and improving customer service.

    Our mobile commerce app solution features include product catalogue and presentation, notifications for offers/promotions, and shopping cart.

    We also provide a high-end mobile application solution to restaurant-owners to promote their restaurant and increase loyalty among their regular customers. The solution includes a food ordering platform and an event management program to promote specials, publish their menu, and communicate with customers, who can order via an app, which records their order history for quick reorders.

  • Stock and Finance

    AllianceTek has extensive experience developing mobile solutions that simplify stock trading and financial activities, such as calculators to determine retirement funds, manage trades, and view their account status, pending transactions, trading news, and market information.

  • Business Automation

    AllianceTek develops successful business process automation solutions to leverage collaboration and communication, including automating and mobilizing departments, work processes, tasks, leads, accounting, and more.

    We create robust project and task management apps to manage tasks, update status, take site photos, and get real-time project updates anywhere and anytime. We can extend your current project management system to any type of mobile device.

    AllianceTek’s project and task management system mobilization enables users to manage their current, weekly, and overdue tasks, and records and sends voice messages along with the task.

  • Media and Communication

    AllianceTek develops mobile solutions that help users easily review, access, share, record, and play media.

  • Healthcare

    AllianceTek’s healthcare solutions include apps such as a mobile EMR that connects doctors, nurses, and patients with treatments, case histories, billing, and insurance – all from a single app. Other mobile healthcare solutions include medical surveying and psychological patient evaluations.

  • Gaming

    AllianceTek offers gaming solutions on various platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile. We also create gaming and children’s activity mobile apps, with audio-video streaming, attractive animation, support for 2D or 3D graphics, and touch control.

    AllianceTek gaming solutions include:

    • Puzzle games
    • Racing games
    • Card games
    • Board games
    • Shooting games
    • Kids games
    • Educational games
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