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The Client

A leading photography marketplace focuses to build a digital platform specifically for photographers and agencies to communicate and socialize with each other. The client forecasts to build a B2B platform that connects agency and brand partners with commercial artists to share licensed images from their private archives. It’s a first-of-a-kind platform that unites professional artists and professionals/companies to hire and search talent all together in one place.

Leading Photography Marketplace | About The Client
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About Project

Business Needs

AllianceTek to build a digital interface that brings professional artists and companies to explore more hiring opportunities altogether from a single platform. The main aim of the client is to build an online interface that provides a curated list of the appropriate artist from the vast area of the talented artist who can share their licensed images from their private portfolio to the companies and brands seeking talented professionals.

Leading Photography Marketplace | Business Needs



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    Setting up communication between the app and the old system

    To improve application performance and enhance new features in the app, it was quite essential to understand the old coding mechanism and make the changes accordingly. Since the application is built using a primitive coding language, it was quite hard to understand the business rules by referring to the old coding system. The performance of the web and app was degraded and hindered to a great extent due to the old coding mechanism. Due to this, setting up a seamless communication channel between the app and the older system was a major task that hinders the entire app performance and user intuitiveness.

Leading Photography Marketplace | Challenge



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    • The development team at AllianceTek demonstrated its capabilities to deliver such a tool efficiently by integrating new features that not only improved the functionality but also enhanced the application usability.

    • AllianceTek’s expert development team improved the overall website performance by modifying the existing web services along with developing some new features for the app and web.

    • The company delivered an updated application that allows users to upload their clicked photos and created videos for other photographers.

    • The user can enter their uploaded photo details and search for other profiles to view photos and videos.

    • An auto-sync feature that lets a user view the latest photos, videos, and feeds on the web and mobile anytime, anywhere.

    • Upload of high-definition video feature which was not earlier possible.

    • Cloud-based application with central point API for data processing and management.

    • Development of mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.

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Investor Information


  • The app focuses to build a digital solution for photographers and businesses/brands to communicate and employ correct talent.

  • An updated application allowing users to upload high-definition photos and videos across platforms.

  • Creation and display of galleries along with their details.

  • An advanced search feature to find relevant images and videos of other profiles.

  • Auto-synchronization of feeds and posts on the web and mobile devices at the same time.

  • Cloud-based API that manages and processes data across devices and platforms.

  • Search, tag, trend, share or chat with an intuitive user interface.

  • Find, share, approve and hire the ideal artist as per your requirement.

Leading Photography Marketplace | Features


What value did AllianceTek provide?

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • The solution proposed by AllianceTek helped the client to improve app functionality and thus enhance the usability of the application.

  • Auto-synchronization of the application to view feeds and post simultaneously across the devices.

  • An updated application with a central point being the API to manage and process the data.

  • Addition or modifications of the new or existing features being requested on-demand.


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