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The Client

The client, who works in the food sector, established a chain of plant-based and/or nutritious food items in the year 2020. Today, they work with a number of other major food chains and intend to become "the biggest plant-based restaurant enterprise." The client is further planning to expand their food network in other food-related areas such as ghost kitchens, traditional kitchens, food trucks and more. The business run by the client focuses on providing the customers with quality food in a comfortable environment and top-notch service.


The Project

The client wanted a platform that could make all their ideas about curating their food chain come to life digitally. They wanted a one-for-all platform where anyone from vegan to omnivore could have their choice of food and customization options. They also wanted it to focus on the sole interest of the customers and provide them with several kinds of food options in one place. With their goal of making good food more accessible to everyone, they wanted to tell their story to the world. They also wanted something that could make people aware of how they source their meat complying with all the guidelines and also protecting the environment.

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Challenges & Solutions

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  • Challenge One

    The client wanted a platform that could work both as a food ordering portal and an investment platform.


    The platform created caters to these problems seamlessly and provides visitors with 2 different options- Dining and Investing. The investing section includes all there is to share the franchise and spread it in different areas. On the other hand, the dining section provides a range of ingredients and food items that customers can choose and customize as per their preferences.

  • Challenge Two

    The client wanted the platform to be one-of-a-kind where people could access and order just about anything that is healthy and nutritious.


    Keeping in mind the client’s idea, the platform is created with a wide variety of food ingredients that the customers can customize and create their own options. This gives them a chance to experiment with food and indulge in something unexpectedly delicious. The platform understands the meaning of healthy is different for everyone, so it focuses on providing several fresh and flavourful options.

    The website is also categorized into various categories based on the type of food you eat. This includes plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore and more. Plus, there are options for everyone in the family.

  • Challenge Three

    The client wanted to maintain transparency between them and the customers and wanted to showcase the same on the website. They wanted to make sure that no one was sceptical about the quality or ingredients of the food.


    The newly created platform provides flexible menu options for people with any kind of allergies. It also includes the ingredients and nutritional information about each menu item to provide the customers with complete transparency.

The Result

  • The development of a website that includes high-quality foods made with the freshest ingredients that are full of flavour and filling. The platform includes various sections that satisfy both your hunger and your cravings in a healthy way. It also provides you with the freedom to customize your own meals and create a whole other meal experience. Apart from all this, the platform makes sure to provide its customers with top-notch and sincere customer service. Whether you are dining in or ordering a takeaway, they ensure you get the same level of service and care. The physical store is also focused on providing the ultimate dining experience to the customer and also calling feedback to make their services better.


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