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Radon Remediation Platform | Chemical Industry


The Client

This client works in the chemical industry and their business is catered towards helping people protect from the risk of the emission of radon gas. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally and is one of the causes of lung cancer. Although radon is harmless outdoors, this odourless, colourless and inert gas can be fatal inside the house or any confined space. The client works towards providing radon inspection and reduction services.


The Project

The client was looking for a platform that could make people aware of this radioactive gas and tell them ways to reduce it. The client wanted to share everything there is about the harmful effects of radon and how to protect yourself radon mitigation systems.

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Challenges & Solutions

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  • Challenge One

    The client was looking for a platform that could both inform the users and allow them to hire the client’s services whenever needed.


    The website created for the client is an amalgamation of the client’s services along with all the fundamental information needed for the user to become aware of the effects of radon. From the definition of radon to its harmful effects and significant data such as the number of lung cancer deaths caused by radon, are all included on the website. The platform also provides interesting statistics about radon and its impact around the world. At last, the website invites the customer to get a quote if they become interested in availing of the client’s services.

  • Challenge Two

    The client wanted complete transparency and wanted to walk the customer through the entire process of booking a quote.


    The website provides a step-by-step solution to access radon inspection and removal services. The complete process is divided into five steps, starting with requesting a quote and scheduling a test. The next step involves the investigation of your home for any traces of radon. If radon levels exceed 4pCi/L, remediation services are recommended. After the remediation installation, post-install tests are conducted to check if radon levels are decreasing.

  • Challenge Three

    The client wanted a platform that not only assisted in radon remediation but also allowed the user to self-test the traces of radon in their place.


    The platform provides two options for the user. The first is the test by the company, which requires booking an appointment and having a certified inspector test the place for radon. The second is a DIY test that includes a test kit sent by the company, which should be placed at home for 3 to 7 days and then sent to the lab. This allows the user to test for radon more conveniently without any unnecessary interruptions.

The Result

  • A website with all the information about radon and how it leads to lung cancer, plus the services provided by the company to remediate the traces of radon. The website focuses on reducing levels of radon above EPA standards in just a few days. It also focuses on providing the users with accurate information about radon impact so that they become more aware of the neutral gas and protect themselves, either with the help of a professional or by themselves.


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