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About Client

The Client

A client in real estate financing business with an experience of capital and construction lending wanted a service that would work with their current system. Being recognized as one of the best Canadian lawyers, the client wanted to build an interface where people can express their wishes and create an inventory of everything to keep your family undivided post demise.

About Project

Business Needs

A Canada based client approached AllianceTek to build an online interface to create an opportunity for users to make an inventory of all assets, finance, and emotions. The main aim of the client is to build a digital solution for the discretion of property, will, and wishes that allow people to register and create an inventory to store their audio, video, belongings, and posthumous letters in an encrypted and secure way.

  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
  • Large Network Access Large Network Access
  • Automatic System Automatic System
  • Economical Economical
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Elaborate analysis of the issues we encounter

Challenges & Solutions

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Document Management OR Document Encryption Empowered by Blockchain Technology

    Whenever a user registers in the platform and defines its will by creating an inventory of property, belongings, assets, and finances, videos, and documents, it needs to be stored in a secured way so that no third-party user can hack or alter it. To secure the user’s discretion, the inventory once created is locked and further decrypted. If any alterations are performed, logs are created and maintained that show number of alterations along with their date and time. To conduct all the above security aspects, integration of Blockchain technology was highly essential which is quite cumbersome since the platform is developed on PHP.


    • AllianceTek developed a digital solution for the discretion of property that allows individual users and agencies to register and record their property and valuables.

    • The solution allows users to create a legacy that indicates who should receive the belongings post your death, create a personalized audio and video message for your beloved, and can appoint an executor that can confirm your death to Mail4after.

    • The messages and will created before death are kept confidential and encrypted.

    • The user as well agencies can register in the app and make an inventory of all belongings which will be later informed to the beneficiaries’ post-death.

    • Post user death, the executor will confirm the death to Mail4After. Once the death is verified, the messages and documents are handed over to the beneficiary digitally.

About Features

Data Processing & Analytics System


  • AllianceTek had a complete grasp of the client's needs and the time constraints of the government-run initiative.

  • Creation of inventory consisting of audio, video, belongings, and posthumous letters in a secured way.

  • Encryption and decryption of documents using Blockchain technology

  • Unlimited log access for document alteration.


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