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CRA - Custom Survey Tool, Customer Feedback & Satisfaction Survey Tool

About Client

The Client

CRA is a Pennsylvania based leading consulting firm that offers practical solutions to the most pressing problems faced by businesses from small and mid-sized, to global enterprise industries. Practicing leadership development, strategic communication, presentation architecture, communication research and talent assessment for years, CRA moves beyond the traditional approach to help leverage data by conducting employee surveys. This allows them to deliver honest feedback that others are unwilling to provide.

About Project

Business Needs

A Pennsylvania based client approached AllianceTek to develop a flexible, robust, and intelligent custom survey tool that streamlines the entire process in a hassle-free manner. The main aim of the client was to build a compliant survey mechanism that not only manages the typography of multiple question types but also seamlessly supports vivid implementation patters. The client’s major focal point was to develop a flexible survey tool to streamline responses and process the data to generate reports in a straight forward manner.

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Challenges & Solutions

As an IT partner and solutions provider, AllianceTek will help you follow your objective and implement strategies that are unique to your business to see it through to completion

  • Mapping of Survey List and Responses in a streamlined Manner

    Creating surveys for multiple businesses, enterprises or an organization was quite complex. It includes a variety of question types along with its display typography. Each time the client-initiated a survey for a particular organization, it required supporting multiple question types along with it's response choices (in terms of multiple typographies) on the same page. This further increases the difficulty to keep responses streamlined in order to generate reports and evaluate business decisions, making the entire process complex and cumbersome to handle.


    • AllianceTek created a smart, automated yet logical user interface that manages a company’s survey and its related information in a unified and streamlined manner.

    • Our development team suggested building a survey tool keeping in mind the company’s approach rather than just a survey-based approach to keep everything tied together and governed by the company.

    • Our solution empowered CRA executives to build custom surveys along with a preview option to review them.

    • Furthermore, our team leveraged a custom CSS options so they could adjust the UI of the website per client specifications.

    • With this, our development team created certain roles and permission for CRA team members as below:

      • CRA team can create companies for their clients; manage particular company's Departments, Employees, Surveys & reports.

      • CRA admin can create surveys and assign across all departments for 360-degree screening.

      • CRA admin user can do the below task:

        • Manage communications to users like sending invites to users, a reminder to fill up surveys, follow up and more.

        • Track survey progress by checking in progress/completed surveys

        • Create multiple reports based on custom selection

        • Reports available to download in PDF and Excel format.

    • The solution developed by AllianceTek was streamlined and user-friendly. It allowed the CRA team to create multiple versions of the same survey and thereby generate reports in just a click which was quite complex earlier.

    • A complete integrated solution to create and export custom survey and its reports in a streamlined manner.

About Features



  • A smart, automated and intelligent custom survey tool to manage the particular company’s survey and its related information in a unified and streamlined manner.

  • Replication feature to create the same copy of the existing survey into a new survey and thus saving time and cost.

  • Creating multiple survey versions to meet the survey form requirements in bulk. This is further enhanced and improved by managing flags on the survey questions that not only saves time but also leads to reduced cost.

  • Custom survey tool built along with the preview option to check surveys while creating them; thus keeping everything in sync by the company.

  • Custom CSS option to adjust the UI layout of the website as per the client’s logo.

  • Creating company-wise mail templates and communication formats.

  • Reports available to download in PDF and Excel format.

  • Automated report generation.


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