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What You Look in for Prospective Development Partner

Frequently changing market trends and emerging technologies are the key drivers for business transformation needs. When you think about the right software and business solution for your business transformation process, you have got a critical decision to make! This is choosing the right technology development partner, who can transform your business by getting your People, Process and Systems aligned effectively within the right time and budget.

As a software development partner and with years of experience in software and web applicationsdevelopment , we know the most critical task for a client is to select the right development partner. There are some key considerations, which can help you to determine the right development partner and enhanced outsourcing experience for you.

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The Standing of your Prospective Development Partner

Today with various technologies and solutions in the market, it is very important to choose the right technologies and solutions to achieve the extremely reliable and cost effective end product. Your prospective development partner must have industry specific standards, skilled and professional team to achieve the right solution.

For successful outsourcing of the project, very crucial thing to consider is reputation of your development partner. You must be confident enough about your prospective development partner that they can professionally handle all requirements and can deliver the solution on the right time with the right cost and specifications. If possible double check with references that they have actually done all the projects for their clients, which they are claiming!

The Competency of your Prospective Development Partner

Lack of competency can easily derail software projects. The best way to assess the competency of your prospective development partner is to determine their industry specific experience and critical domain specific knowledge. Every software development company has different degree of expertise and experience .you should always look around for a partner with proven track record and expertise in the types of products they have developed and product you are looking for.

The greater degree of competency of your prospective development partner guarantees that they can manage things in ‘The Right Way’ with less number of unexpected issues and more swiftness during development process.

Collaboration of your Prospective Development Partner

Software development process is an iterative process and takes multiple adjustments and fine-tunings during the process. Your inputs, feedbacks and communication during the development process are the vital factors for successful project completion and solution implementation.

Experienced development partner provides various methods for collaboration during the development process. Some of the effective methods may include:

  • Email
  • IM
  • Team member’s accessibility
  • Regular reporting on each milestone
  • Deliverable reporting
  • Anytime access to your project status and builds
  • Dedicated project management portal for each project

You should always obtain clear idea about the complete policies and process of your prospective development partner and collaborating options they are providing.

Your Prospective Development Partner providing only onshore/offshore outsourcing or ‘Hybrid Development Approach’?

Outsourcing means when you don’t have enough resources or expertise for a particular project, you delegate particular project to another specialized firm outside your organization. ‘Outsourcing’ is not the synonym for ‘Offshoring’. If you are thinking about outsourcing your project and thinking about other countries which can provide cheaper development options, then you should think about different unexpected possibilities during development process. For example you will find cheaper quotation for your project but you should not overlook the timeline, other risks and main functionalities for your project.

If your project is very complex and requires very high degree of coordination then you should choose the development partner on the same location as yours. This option might be costly but it is very reliable.

The solution for above problem is to choose the prospective development partner who can provide you a ‘Hybrid development model’ approach. According to this development model you will be assigned a onshore project management team to coordinate with your in -house team. They handle major components of your project onshore and send selected components to their offshore team. This approach enables you to achieve extremely reliable and low cost solution with minimal risk and unexpected issues. Learn more about our ‘Hybrid Development Model’

Your Prospective Development Partner Should act as a ‘Business Solution Architect’

Your prospective development partner should bring unique insight and additional value to the project. Building simply as you tell them is the role of ‘Service Provider’ not the solution and development partner. They should act as a business solution architect and provide additional features and concept to your basic concept of the application.

End – to – End Solution providing capabilities of your Prospective Development Partner

Complete understanding of the business strategy, requirements and project component priorities are very essential for a successful project execution. With a clear vision and objectives, your prospective partner should take complete responsibility from the beginning phase to deployment process.

The development partner should provide A Comprehensive Development Unit under one roof, which comprises Business Analysts, UI & UX experts, Expert developers, QA team to deployment engineers and Service layer engineers to correctly render data from database.

Choosing the right Development Partner is a difficult task. Using these evaluation criteria and guidelines, you will be definitely in a better state to assess and select the best development partner for your particular project.

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