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10 essential intranet features

Thanks to the cloud, the intranet has evolved into a sophisticated digital workplace that can be accessed anywhere, even from a mobile phone. With powerful tools that enhance productivity, make sharing information easier, and promote collaboration, intranets are now dynamic, multi-dimensional, and can be tailored to your organization’s unique business needs. If you need to upgrade or install an intranet, consider these 10 features.

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10 intranet features that support business objectives:


Clients can access and collaborate on evolving projects. Employees can collaborate on documents simultaneously from multiple locations.

Enterprise Resource Planning.

Essential business activities - from marketing to finance, sales, and HR – are united on one platform with a suite of integrated applications that allows you to collect, store, manage, and interpret data.

Customer Relationship Management.

With CRM tools (such as contact tracking, and managing leads, prospects, opportunities, and customers), marketing becomes more effective.

Business Automation.

Workflow processes can be automated, thereby improving efficiency and freeing employees from repetitive tasks.

Project and Workflow management.

At a glance, get an overview of how the entire company is performing, or how individual projects are evolving.

Document and Content Management.

Documents are easily accessible, and there is no confusion about which is the latest version. Access permissions can be set so that sensitive content is protected.

Marketing and branding.

Promotions currently in effect can be viewed by your entire staff. Internal branding allows your company logo to appear on each site page.

Alert management.

Automated alerts and reminders increase company productivity and efficiency, and enforce policies.

Discussion Boards.

Welcome feedback from your employees on company initiatives in a discussion board forum accessible to all staff members.

News and Event Calendar Management.

Improve internal communication by keeping your staff members informed of important company-wide events, news, and dates in a centralized location.

SharePoint: a business collaboration platform

If you put a check mark next to any -- or all -- of the above features, Microsoft SharePoint might be a good option for your organization. SharePoint gives managers and employees a robust, cloud-based platform that improves employee collaboration and optimizes business processes. With SharePoint 2016, your business team can even sync files with Microsoft Office 365 and quickly and easily upload and access information from multiple locations – even from a mobile device.

SharePoint: the ideal platform for teamwork

  • SharePoint is a CMS (content management system) which allows users to collaborate, manage, and monitor data/ information.
  • User/employee information management allows managers to selectively assign access to users.
  • Users can easily create, search, edit, share, and rate documents.
  • Tasks can be assigned and monitored.
  • Document tagging helps define content.
  • Data is centralized. Sites and lists are used to organize stored data.
  • Search queries allow users to find and edit data quickly.
  • Business process workflows can be automated.
  • Dashboards help managers with decision making.
  • Alerts and reminders can be sent to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Wikis, blogs, discussion boards allow for effective in-house communication.

AllianceTek: experienced in providing innovative SharePoint solutions

Successful implementations of SharePoint can be quite complex. Whether it’s knowing what features to use natively, what to custom-build, or just putting the right project management controls in place to unlock and manage SharePoint’s capabilities, you need a skilled team who can tailor SharePoint to your specific business needs. AllianceTek's SharePoint experts help you with consultation, design and development, migration from a legacy system, customization, integration, or upgrading. Let us help you build powerful Sharepoint solutions.
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