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What’s new in SharePoint 2016?

Microsoft released SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 and Project Server Beta 2 for IT review. So what is expected from the new SharePoint 2016? SharePoint 2016 improves performance for the web application platform by offering enhanced features, stronger infrastructure, and integration between on-premises and Office 365. The updated version of SharePoint includes upgrades in the areas of:

User Experience

  • Changes to App Launcher and User Interface, which provide a familiar experience similar to that of Office 365
  • An infrastructure that enables you to easily see, search, and manage all your sites in one place
  • A consistent, cross-screen, mobile-friendly experience with mobile push and information synchronization
  • Increased maximum file size for uploads to 10GB
What’s new in SharePoint 2016?

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  • Hybrid cloud search – allows easy content search
  • Refined One-Drive redirection, which links on-premises and Office 365
  • Role selection for servers, which includes a multi-role feature to define roles with easy steps
  • Automated creation of indexed columns in the document library to handle 5,000-view threshold


  • Automated document deletion tools
  • Faster site creation – able to create site collections in 1 second
  • Zero downtime patching

Overall, SharePoint 2016 is a logical upgrade. All three facets of its evolution aid each another, and altogether make for a platform that is functionally strong and presents a powerful, friendly user interface. People-centric tools allow for easier storage and collaboration. Hybrid cloud allows all content to be connected and searchable. Finally, a compliance center allows you to set policies in place to control your environment. All of these improvements culminate into a platform with unparalleled user experience, cloud-inspired infrastructure, and day-to-day reliability.

What are your thoughts on the improved SharePoint? Comment below with your thoughts and concerns, and Contact AllianceTek today to learn how you can use software like SharePoint to unleash your business potential.

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