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What are Salesforce Communities?

Salesforce Communities are branded online communities in Salesforce, where employees, customers, and partners can easily connect and collaborate. Communities are customizable, include strong performance tools, and can be geared towards anything, including marketing, volunteering, customer support, and project management. This communication software offers many benefits for user engagement, and overall lends advantages to several key areas of business.

Salesforce Communities can be helpful with:


For joint marketing and selling, partner recruitment and education, and deal management


For campaign management, centralized agency management, and prospect engagement


For customer self-service and collaborative case resolution

Any Experience

For product data integration, new product ideation and testing, and social supply chain

What are Salesforce Communities?

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What you can do with a Salesforce Community

  • Increase engagement, share information, and collaborate with clients on a regular basis
  • Enable employees to connect with distributors, resellers and suppliers
  • Manage content and social media listening
  • Enhance CRM and reduce cost of customer support by building a customer support community
  • Customize user interface with brand logo, colors, and more

Managing a Salesforce Community

Once your online community is up and running, you can instantly monitor use through the engagement matrix on a community dashboard. This dashboard also allows management to add new content, run contests, award users with badges, and partake in direct discussion with customers. Furthermore, with the introduction of chatter into a Salesforce community, users can post comments, collaborate by hosting contextual discussions on specific records, create public and private groups, and discuss trending topics.

Saleforce Communities as a collaborative tool

Utilizing Salesforce Communities aids in bringing together similarly focused users. Whether creating a company community or a customer support community, Salesforce offers the tools needed for seamless communication between users. With the ability to create separate, focused communities, management can keep content organized while partaking in seamless communication and collaboration.

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