AllianceTek is a Software Development and web application development company with experienced IT consultants who can offer valuable business solutions. We help you and your business connect with customers, integrate with vendors and empower employees to work to their fullest potential. Whether you’re a chief executive officer, chief technology officer, business manager, web application developer, entrepreneur or software vendor, we can bring your vision to life.

  • Scale your business

    Scale your business with custom software development

    Your business’ ecosystem can only thrive when it’s in balance. Unlock its full potential by working with AllianceTek’s IT consultants to align your people, processes and systems.

  • Leverage next-generation technology

    Software development company helps you leverage technology

    Is your software out of date? Are sales trending down? Breathe new life into your software by harnessing the power of next generation technology such as cloud support and mobile applications.

  • Realize your vision

    IT consultants help you realize your dreams

    If you have an idea for web application development, but don’t know the steps to take in order to move it from concept to reality, AllianceTek will give you support for scoping, defining requirements, development, deployment and support.

Application development to achieve your goals

Achieve your goals

Most technology officers and web application developers are challenged to keep up with the rapid pace of technology development. If you’re under-resourced and overworked, you can still achieve your goals. Partner with the IT consultants at AllianceTek to benefit from custom software development and web application development using the latest technologies: Microsoft SharePoint, .Net, and Business Intelligence; cloud computing, social CRM, e3 e-learning, HTML5, mobile and more.

Why AllianceTek for Custom Software Development?

AllianceTek continually invests in research and development so you don’t have to. You can rest assured that we'll inform you about the latest technology developments, the trade-offs and the best options available to you.
We recognize that your business is unique, so we offer software development, integrating multiple applications for an optimal solution. Whether you need customized mobile applications, enterprise-scale web-based applications or solutions that leverage leading platforms such as SharePoint and, we can put the pieces together for you.
We apply structured processes and systems to our own business. Our Project Management Portal enables our team and yours to communicate seamlessly. Its built-in processes ensure your project's flawless execution.
Our team of IT consultants includes U.S.-based project managers, who speak your language on your timetable, and a global development-team who can deliver the results you’re seeking in a cost-effective and timely manner.


  • James Henry, President/Owner, Expert Solutions, Inc.
  • "Over the past two years AllianceTek has provided exceptional service and value in the design and development of several complex web-based software systems. The dedication and knowledge of their programming team has resulted in the successful launch, on time and on budget, of our systems. I can unconditionally recommend AllianceTek’s services."