AllianceTek is a USA-based software development and IT consulting company, where experienced IT experts help companies scale their operations by bringing a world-class, experienced software and web development team to help make business operations more efficient, collaborative, and manageable. We help businesses connect with customers, integrate with vendors, and empower employees to work to their fullest potential. Whether your company is a Fortune 500, startup, or somewhere in between, AllianceTek will be your reliable IT partner, providing solutions to meet your business needs.​


Specific solutions for your industry aligning people, processes and systems for the growth of your business.

  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Content Management System
  • Ecommerce
  • E-learning
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Application Integration
  • Migration
  • Document Management System
  • Communication Solutions
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Portals & Vortals
  • Unified Billing Solutions
  • Multimedia & Graphics
  • SEM & SEO Solutions

Complete package of flexible software and web development services for improved ROI and increased business efficiency.

  • Executive Coach Suite
  • Mall Management Platform
  • Electronic Medical Records Applications
  • Hire a Team
  • Fostering technology competence to help you achieve your goal
  • Wide experience and expertise on old and emerging technologies
  • Focus on performance, efficiency and interoperability of the system
  • .NET
  • SharePoint
  • PHP
  • HTML5

AllianceTek – Your Reliable IT Partner

Empowering IT Solutions
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    Case Studies

    Textile ERP Solution

    A client that owns a large textile company with separate locations spread throughout a state sought AllianceTek’s help in developing a system to manage and plan their...

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Our Customer-Centric Approach

I wanted to convey what a great job I think the team did on this recent Listing Manager project. We needed a quick turn around and we needed some creativity from the team on the UI and you delivered in style. You certainly exceeded my expectations.

- Jym Mealey,
CTO, G8 Capital