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Why is HTML5 So Useful?

HTML is a mark-up language used to design and lay out webpages. HTML5 is an evolution of HTML, with more tags and options designed to make web design simpler, more browser-friendly, and feature rich. It takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and combines them into one easy-to-use markup language.

Before an organization can commit to a new technology, they must first understand how the application of that technology will result in tangible benefits that provide a positive return on the investment. HTML5 offers a myriad of advantages for both organizations and web developers that will empower your site with more features and make adding or editing new pages and websites easier than ever before.

New Features for Business Websites

  • Simple chat client – Add a real-time chat client with a few lines of code.
  • Interactive canvas gradients – Control every pixel in a rectangular canvas. The new canvas can be used for rendering graphs, game graphics, or other visual images automatically.
  • Video – Upload videos that play on all mobile devices (even iOS) and do not require any plug-in downloads.
  • Drag and drop – Drag and drop items, such as images, from your desktop directly to your browser.
  • Build wikis and discussion boards – Easier than ever to create wikis and discussion boards for websites.
  • Multi-browser compatibility – New features are designed to work across all major browsers.
  • Content management system – HTML5 makes setting up a robust CMS possible within minutes, thanks to simple database integration

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New Web Development Advantages

  • New structures tags – New tags that recognize the structure of a web page, such as header, footer, and sections.
  • New inline elements – Add progress bars, meters, and other time-based elements.
  • New dynamic pages support – Context menu support, async attributes, and other features make it easy to create dynamic HTML pages.
  • Elements removed – Some deprecated elements from HTML4 have been removed, making for cleaner, more readable mark-up.
  • New form types – add new input types to forms, such as date, email, url, and week.
  • SVG 1.1 – Define basic shapes, paths, text, and other transformations right in the HTML file.
  • Offline support – Using AppCache and Database, development can be done offline, even on a mobile device.

New Advantages for Mobile Developers

  • View videos on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) where Flash is prohibited.
  • HTML5 allows videos without downloading Flash or Silverlight.
  • No downloaded and installed plug-in is required to view videos.
  • Canvas and video features are designed to easily enable graphics and video.
  • AppCache and Database features give HTML5 offline support, so connectivity interruptions will not impede workflow.
  • Advanced form input types allow browsers to handle more information so users spend less time downloading JavaScript code and less round trips to the server if validation can be achieved before the form is posted.
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